Writing the Unease

Topic : Daily Glimpses

Living with the feeling of unease.

That’s where I’m at now.

Sitting here with my son asleep on me.
His weight a grounding.
A comfort.

I do my day.
Play with my kids.
Run errands.
Get the bills paid.

I take care of me.
Practice yoga on the mat.
Sit in meditation.
Talk to friends.

Day in and day in and day out the unease never leaves.

Am I doing what I need in this life?

I write.

Begin to feel better.

The words on the page, like drops of release.

The memory of words spoken at me get a new home.

Words I’ve spoken get a chance to breath, freed from my chattering mind.

Things I’ve allowed to live in me now get a new home.

My bones feel lighter again.

And I can go on.

Nothing answered.
Much released.


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