Toddler. Time.

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I thought that I was tired with a fresh baby.

Silly. Silly. Silly mama.

A walking, acro-nursing, organized bookshelf destroying toddler has me missing the days I could put CBJ in the Zen Bouncer and take a shower!

C to the B to the J started kinda walking at 12 1/2 months.
There was still heavy crawling, especially when she wanted to move with speed…

And now she doesn’t crawl anymore at all.

Which is so bizarre cause I keep thinking she’s going to come crawling down the hall and then I see a kid walking towards me.

In real life she never wears tutu's but my mom made her this and I'm liking it!
In real life she never wears tutu’s but my mom made her this and I’m liking it!

We also signed up for Little Gym…
Which I was hesitant on at first.
I don’t get “organized play”, you know?

It’s play.

I didn’t know there was a category of “organized” or “self led”.
The things you learn as a parent.

She LOVES it.

Let me clarify that.

She LOVES wandering about and exploring, she also loves doing forward rolls.

She DOES NOT like the “organized play” aspect of the opening song or any directions of walking/running/jumping in the middle of the gym with the other kids.


She’s clearly fine.

Look at her about to dominate the bubbles they blow about.

She's intent isn't she? Love bubbles, it's personally my favorite part.
She’s intent isn’t she?
Love bubbles, it’s personally my favorite part.

And here she is making a run at the bar they do flips on…


Gotta get a running start to flip, ya know?
Gotta get a running start to flip, ya know?

Little Gym did introduce her to one of her now 3 words she uses with consistency- “jump”.

She will walk up say “jump” and do a mini-squat cause she’s not quite able to get any air.


Her other two words are “mama” and “dog” btw.
Travis keeps trying for “dada” but she’s not giving it up…

In other developmental news, I think she’s really, really trying to drop her morning nap.

Which I’m still getting used to.
Cause that means no break for me and shorter nursing sessions.

I write that and for the past few days she’s passed out on the boobs.
Clearly there’s no predicting any of it!

that's right, I take pictures of my kiddo napping...she's still. And it's real sweet (at least I think so!).
that’s right, I take pictures of my kiddo napping…she’s still. And it’s real sweet (at least I think so!).

In breastfeeding news (cause you KNEW it was coming didn’t you?).

Clare-booty can twist herself into some pretty spectacular positions.

Within the past week or so she’s started flopping all over the place or pulling off and babbling before going back for more.

As long as she’s not biting (which she isn’t), it’s all good.

It is different but for most feedings she still does her nap nursing and isn’t all over the place.

She still nurses quite a bit and the hours of 4-7 a.m. are the new favorite of the week with her nursing off and on…beside me in bed.

That’s right.
I caved.

At her 4:00 a.m. feeding I’ve started to let her sleep next to me cause it’s easier with her cluster feeding and it’s comfy. 😉

So I guess I’m now “officially” nursing a toddler.
Or maybe an “extended breast feeding” person.
That term, “extended” bugs me.
I’m breastfeeding. Period.

No soap box.
Just a statement.
If you were considering it, go for it!
It’s more squirmy than nursing a tiny babe but still just as special to me and her.

I’m off and running, cleaning actually…we’re doing Thanksgiving at our house so Clare-booty is going to help me get ready.
By eating the clean spoons from the dishwasher.

Big helper!
Big helper!


Have a Happy Holiday Week All!!


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