Throw back Thursday…Birth week style.

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Travis posted this pic on facebook and I think it’s hilarious.

Um...really intense at the park.
Um…really intense at the park.

The caption was “Brace Yourself, it’s Birth week”.
Birth is intense…I’d say, you should brace yourself!

And the pic is also appropriate with all her changes lately too. She’s very vocal.
We were at the park when the pic was taken, she might have been yelling at the grass.
It deserved it, I’m sure.

She was very smug that day.

So smug. So, so smug everyone.
So smug. So, so smug everyone.

Now about the title of this post…
Let me be honest.
I can’t stand “throw back Thursday”.
In real life, I don’t post pictures of me from college or high school.


Since it is CBJ’s birth week and at this point last year the ball had somewhat started rolling on her arrival, I figured I’d do a throw back.

Here’s me last year at 39+ weeks pregnant.

ready for baby to get here, smiling but ready,
ready for baby to get here, smiling but ready,

I look cheery, right?

I was somewhat cheery.

I had started to think pregnancy wasn’t so cute anymore…
I actually had started to think that at around 38 weeks when it was tough to tie my shoes.
And people kept asking why I was at the studio to teach.
And it was SO hot last summer.

Not the point.

The point is that I started having contractions on this date last year.

And then they stalled.

Boo. Hiss.
Thankfully we hadn’t headed up to the hospital!
(And as you might know, we didn’t head up to the hospital even when I was ACTUALLY in labor…why? Oh, you know…just didn’t think it was happening…)

I think when you imagine labor (or at least when I imagined it) that it would start, be a nice 6 hour deal and then…baby!!!

In my experience, this did not happen.

Now, I am cool with CBJ’s due date because she came on my dad’s birthday which is SO awesome.
She was born at 12:31 a.m. so there was a chance she was going to come the day before his birthday.

I remember being in the delivery room and it was to time REALLY push and the doctor looked at the clock and said, “she could be born today” and I thought…”no, no she’s gonna hold out till tomorrow”.
I might have said it out loud…little hazy on that detail, cause, you know, other stuff was going on.

So labor.
Not always the quick experience you envisioned but you know, the baby is going to be born so it’s all good (in the end, at the time it hurts adn you question why you thought that was SUCH a good idea).

Not much to say really but this, you can have contractions and sometimes they end up in a baby that day.
Or you can have contractions and no baby for days.
Or you can have contractions and then…they stop.

Have no fear my friends…they’ll start again.

And then, things get real.

I wrote CBJ’s birth story here.

I also wrote her birth story for a the Birthworks website (birthworks is where we took our birth classes and where I found my fabulous doula, holly)…I’ll post that on her actual birthday.

So here’s where we are now….

Mama and baby love

One year people.
And look what happens.
Your baby grows up…

Standing now!!
Standing now!!

I’ll write a more sappy and emotional post soon, I can FEEL it coming.
But for today, just so you know,,,at this point last year.
Teaser contractions.
Oh! And I ate peanut butter M&M’s on this day, cause you know…I thought I was in labor, so THAT was going to be helpful



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