Switching out the Closet and some Bump Dressing Suggestions.

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Good morning!

All is peaceful here.  : )

Post breakfast nap.

While Miss Clarabelle took her nap, I switched out my closet from pregnancy wear to my pre-pregnancy wear.

I am happy to wear non-maternity clothes again, although the elastic waist jeans were quite comfortable…
: )

Throughout my pregnancy I didn’t post how much weight I gained nor did I talk size, there was a reason for that.
For me I found pregnancy gave people the “right” to comment on how little or how much weight I had gained- I found this is be really insulting (I have a future post on this in the works).
I also realized that pregnancy can get competitive…and it’s with other pregnant women!
The discussion of how much you’ve gained, what fits, what doesn’t, the constant weigh-ins….it can turn into a total body image melt down.
I didn’t want to feed into that energy and really it doesn’t matter.
You can gain more weight than you wanted or less weight than you thought you would and at the end of the day, you’re having a baby.
That’s the point.
: )

I will say, I am happy I kept active throughout my pregnancy and I am happy I am able to wear most (not all) of my clothes from before baby’s arrival.

As I was cleaning out the closet and storing the maternity wear for future use (that’s right, I already know I want another) there were some staples I thought I’d recommend for any expectant momma’s.

Fav Maternity Jeans:  Gap, either the full panel or the below the belly.
Full panel is good at the end and  you can always roll it down till you need it.
Reasonably priced and they lasted throughout the entire pregnancy.

Best “Layering” Style Tank: BeMaternity by Ingrid and Isabel 
I wore there tanks ALL. THE. TIME. They are long and have a ton of stretch so you can smooth out any bumps and they also cover any gap between your jeans and your top that may or may not start to ride up over your bump. Get these. Wear them. Love them. : )

Best Workout Tank: Old Navy Side-Gathered Maternity Tank I moved into these around month 6 and I thought they were great. The length is excellent and as a yoga instructor I know they stay down as you move. They also have cute colors so you feel slightly… festive when you do your gym time. : )

Workout Bump

I also liked the Long Basic Maternity Tanks from Destination Maternity. They look like basic layering tanks and they didn’t shrink.
I got them in tons of colors and they go on-sale often so you can get a lot of them for cheap.
Towards the end of the pregnancy when your belly gets bigger and bigger they do tend to ride up so I would suggest them for early in the process but they work great under tops throughout the pregnancy if you like to layer (and I do).

Best Maternity Dresses:Old Navy- Old Navy had the most flattering maternity dresses and they last throughout the pregnancy. I don’t have pictures of all the dresses I got from them but here’s an example.

Me at month 5-ish months….

And here’s me the day before I went into labor….

Note with Old Navy…. I didn’t dry any of their dresses in the dryer for fear of shrinking so…they may or may not last as long if you toss them into the dryer.
I also like maternity dresses from NOM and Maternal America, you can find good deals on amazon.com so I would look there first before you try the boutiques.
I wore dresses for most of the pregnancy cause it was So. Stinking. Hot. but there is a perk to being pregnant in the heat of summer, you throw on a dress and go!
Easy. Love easy.
: )

Basically Old Navy was a winner for me with dressing the bump and even if stuff did get holes (their tees are not the most durable), it goes on sale all the time and it’s fairly inexpensive so you can always get more.
I was not a huge fan of Gap except for the jeans which I wore ALL the time.

All just suggestions but when you’re spending money on what might basically be a new wardrobe, thought I might give some suggestions so you can have a place to start.

Hope the energy of your day is a peaceful as Miss Clarabelle’s.


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