St. Louis Shower (finally)!

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I don’t know what my deal is but I have not been posting as much.
Maybe it’s the heat.
Maybe it’s the cycles of the moon (there was a new moon yesterday and I am always affected by the cycles of the moon, fun fact for you all).

Who knows…

I think I struggle sometimes to write about my visits back to where I consider home, I miss my friends.
I miss being in a city where I feel like I belong.
It’s all good but I think there is always a twinge of sadness to not be where you feel truly comfortable.

This post was not to be sadness so I’ll move on!

Here is my St. Louis Shower in picture form. Enjoy!

The whole group….

Great friends, loved the energy and all seemed to really enjoy.

Me and the soon-to-be grandma’s.

They are very excited for baby to get here, she’s gonna be one loved little girl. 🙂

And here’s one of me, 31 weeks along and in Rosie Pope Maternity (which I highly recommend btw).

Me, baby, happy.

The shower was bird themed for us to “dress our nest”.

Gluten free red velvet cake- yummy!

Menus on the the tables for our lunch- so cute!

Menu and origami bird


One of my very best friends, Megan, hosted the shower and did a fabulous job!

Great hostess, great friends.

Here’s another shot of me and megan from Saturday night when we went with my mom to a favorite place, eleven-eleven mississippi.

Sassy dresses and good food, pregnant or not, makes for a wonderful Saturday night.

Doing the gift opening, which I always find kind of awkward!

Super sweet outfit from my aunt
Awesome musical turtle from our friend Steve

Here’s another shot of me and guests!

The girls and Steve

The entire weekend was so wonderful, I truly cannot express the happiness I felt.
I got so much one-on-one time with friends and with my mom.
I got to do a yoga class taught by a dear friend, chatted at dinners with old friends and “happy hour” time was like it used to be.
Mom and  I did a LOT of shopping and a LOT of family time, which I love.
What touches me the most is to see that such great people support Travis and I.
As I look at the pictures, some of the friends are new, some are years old but there is a common theme of all of these friends being genuine, caring, and fun people.

I might cry cause I miss them.
The tears would be of joy…and maybe hormones.

O.k., I won’t cry but I am so touched by the generosity of those around me.
Good to feel, good to have.
: )

Thursday is calling to me, gotta go and do.
Till next time~


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