She is Here!!!

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I am so excited to announce we had our Clarabelle on Friday September 28th.

Introducing Miss Clarabelle June
I am totally in awe that we created a child. 

Hi Mom and Dad

Birth was an indescribable experience…which I will try to describe in my next post. 🙂

1st Family Picture!
Gotta love the “post birth” pic…always washed out yet completely perfect. 🙂

Look at those lips!!
Fresh Baby. I always love the hats…so sweet!

I felt good the day after her birth and we both decided to put of some fresh clothes…

Loving the owls!

Didn’t mean for us to match but it is a nice touch, isn’t it? 

And here is what our days are looking like now…..
Avery isn’t sure what to think but she’s doing great with the baby.
 I feel bad she’s confused but as long as she’s not growling, I’m calling it a win! 
Proud Dad!
And Travis is doing great, changing diapers and helping me a LOT. 🙂 
We are now settling in at home and working on having a “schedule”. 
Smiles and a swaddled baby (learn the swaddle people!)
Becoming a mom is one of the most surreal and incredible experiences ever. 
And I don’t really know if I feel like a “mom” yet, it is all so new but I do know that now I feel we are really a family. 
And we were before, and if we never had a child we would still be a family but having Clarabelle here is like a coming together, a solidifying of who Travis and I are.
I am so excited to share our birth experience, I have to really take some time to process the entire experience but I am so happy about the birth. 
Totally challenging. 
Totally not what I expected (and I don’t think you really can know what it will be till your in the thick of it). 
Totally an awesome, beautiful, and humbling experience. 
I say humbling because I was in awe of what my body did, the support I had, and Clarabelle’s ability to come on out and meet us. 
: )
Gonna feed baby, kiss Travis, pet Avery and then…rest. 
Be back with the birth story soon!!!  

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