Pregnant yoga…good times. And yes, I do still practice yoga. : )

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Took a pause from the blog for a few days.

I was out of town over the weekend for a baby shower up in St. Louis and it always takes me a few days to get back into the swing of Little Rock after a visit.
I had a FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, LOVE-FILLED weekend which I will blog about tomorrow.
Baby Gray got some essentials and I got my St. Louis fix- so, so good.
: )

Since being back in town I’ve been teaching, working, and today I had my 30 week (and 5 days but who’s counting?!) check-up!
Little Miss’s heartbeat is nice and strong at 144 and my growth is right on track- excellent news.

I have been wanting to write a post about prego yoga since I found out I was expecting but time flew and it never happened.
Last week a co-worker was kind enough to take some pics of me before one of my classes.
Most of the time I practice at home for between 30-60 minutes but I usually do a mini-practice at the studio just to get into the energy of the class before my students get there so I was happy to get some pictures taken.

Students ask me if I still practice and the answer is YES!!
Yes, yes, yes.
Pregnancy is the most important time to practice.
Yoga calms the mind, allows you to stretch, and also allows you to soften and accept all the changes happening in your body.
You can also breath to your baby and help to foster a deeper connection which is a very cool addition to the practice.

Does my yoga look the same as it did before….obviously not.
Does my ego take a hit about this…absolutely.
It is all o.k….totally.
: )

Here I am in action…

Tree Pose, what is odd about me being pregnant is that my balance has actually improved…weird.

29 week/5 day Tree Pose

Warrior II, gets the legs working…good strength for labor. 🙂

These yoga pants are pre-pregnancy- Beyond Yoga…highly recommend them bump or not!

And Triangle Pose, great for building leg strength and also a wonderful heart opener.

Triangle Pose- personal favorite. : )

I am wearing a new tank from Lululemon called the No-Limits Tank.
I am LOVING this tank.
Cause it’s comfortable, it looks cute, and I can wear it post-baby.
This top is in my pre-prego size and it still works at 7 1/2 months pregnant (wore it today in black).
In real-life the belly part is supposed to be loose fitting but for now bump is filling it out quite nicely.
I also like that post-baby it will be loose so there is less pressure to get my “body back”.
I really wish I would’ve found this tank at the beginning of my pregnancy but what can you do?

If you want a great resource, go to Yogaglo and take their prenatal yoga classes, they range from 15 minutes to an hour, all levels and great teachers.

I’m off to rest, night. 🙂


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