Pregnancy Announcement

Topic : Miscarriage

When I got the text it crushed me.

Pregnancy announcement.

I cried while my daughter napped and I went on through the day with a weight in my heart.

We got into a fight that night when I came clean about what was bothering me.

“You take it so personally”.

The fuck it is personal.

Longing to be pregnant.

Getting pregnant.

Staying pregnant.

“I don’t understand why you can’t be happy for them, I am”.

Well, I’m a shitty person that’s why.

I’m a shitty person that can’t be happy for other people.

Thanks for pointing it out.

“You seem so angry”.

I am.

I’m angry I lost the baby.

I’m angry because no one seems to understand why this would be hard.

I’m angry because I have no one to talk to.

“You take it so personally”

“Why can’t you be happy for them, I can”

“You seem angry”

I lost our baby.

It is personal.

And don’t have the energy through my fear to be happy.


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