One day there, the next day gone.

Topic : Daily Glimpses

Tonight Clarabelle asked to lay down next to me instead of on my chest while we sang songs to bed.

Which might seem small.
And I suppose it is.
Unless you notice.
Then it’s big.

It’s another sign my child is growing up.
That she needs me in a different way…
In a more independent way.

You know, I read blog post after blog post and article after article about treasuring the moments.

And I think I do.

Then I remember the times I checked facebook instead of picking her up.
The moment I didn’t read the book when she asked.
Asking her to take a picture instead of being in the moment.
The times I rushed us off the whatever appointment I needed us to get to, which in all likely hood was going to the gym.
Those times I don’t want to sing that song over and over and over.
The days where she asks, “want to nurse” 10 times before breakfast.
The nights I grow tired of the bedtime routine.

I don’t put these details out there because I want to beat myself up (or make you feel bad either).

I put these truths out there because it happens.

Day after day of showing up, of kindness, of simply being with another person allows our not perfect sides to show in full force.

And that’s o.k., we’re all here, doing our best and giving what we can.

Tonight simply reminded me that I DO have the time.
Because I will not get that time again.

I realize I have been a present parent to see our moments shift and realize those moments have changed.

Treasure your time.
Notice the laughter your child has when you do that goofy thing.
See the joy in their face when you come home.
Notice the smile your child give you when they wake up and greet you with, “Good morning, mama”.
Look into their eyes as they nurse.
That extra hug, extra song, extra story time.
The night-night time that seems like an eternity.

Because like me, one night something will change and you will miss it very much.
And you will know that those moments aren’t coming back and you will very much wish you had treasured them while they were there.

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