Nap Saga. Attempts at Cloth (kinda) Diapering and a new Favorite.

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CBJ now likes to have a snack halfway through her afternoon nap.
That’s the saga…but I mean, really…
And you know I do it cause we need that nap.

Such service at this house.

Morning nap, 45 minutes.
I do a workout DVD (post here) or yoga and then we’re off to whatever activity (um…errands) I have planned.

Afternoon nap (with a snack break included), 2 hours.
I blog, I facebook, I order bulk products off amazon (more on this soon, it’s an obsession!), I should clean…whatever.

So that’s the nap report for this week.

In other news…

We’re trying cloth diapers.

And I put “kinda” cause I’ve opted for the hybrid-style where we have disposable inserts.
I’m not ready for full cloth.
I applaud you if you do.

We may or may not get there.
Maybe if we have more we’ll do full cloth…we shall see..

Here’s what I think so far.

Grovia hybrids are fabulous.

GroVia Hybrids- peacock print. GO CARDS!!!

They’re very simple- shell, insert, velcro shut and go. Not too much leakage and they hold explosion style mess very well.
One issue, when CBJ sleeeps on her tummy, they sometimes leak up the front but so did the disposables so it’s whatever to me.

Cute prints. Trimmer fit.
And they wash well.

Another issue is that they are trim but still somewhat fluffy so you can’t tell if they are wet by feel, you gotta get in there and undo them which causes disturbance if your kid is half-awake (and you REALLY need them to sleep!).

Overall- recommending these!

Onto the gDiapers.

gDiapers are alright but not my favorite.

They are too complicated.
You’ve got the shell, the plastic snap-in layer, and the disposable insert.

Diaper Shell, plastic insert, and then you put the disposable liner in (not pictured).
The “G” in on the butt, which is pretty cute. 🙂

The plastic snap-in layer is the issue for me, it’s an extra step and with CBJ, you gotta work fast when she’s on that changing table!

These leaked with explosive style diapers (pee and poo) but the mess got on the outer cloth layer and plastic inner layer and not on CBJ’s clothing so that was a step up from the brown pants that had been happening.
And when you wash the plastic layer it still looks stained so that’s kind of a bummer (not to mention sloppy looking if that’s a concern for you…).

The prints  in the gDiapers are fun and I did buy a few so I’ll keep them in the rotation cause they’ll work when the Grovia’s are dirty.

I’m open to suggestions, I’ve gotten several from facebook but I always love to know what other mamas are doing!

In non-diapering news, CBJ has a new favorite toy.

The Lamaze Fishbowl.
She didn’t “get it” when she would play with it a few months ago but now she puts the fish/crab/ect. in the bowl and takes them out too!
I feel this is waay advanced.
Still that parent and loving it.
: )


I’ll do a Mother’s Day style post but Happy Mother’s Day (almost there!) Weekend to you all!


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