Mother’s Day Weekend, Smoothie and Dressing up Bump

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

I hope that the day has been good, it’s been busy but good around here.

I did get a few Mother’s Day cards and some 1st-time-Momma Mother’s Day texts, all of which I love and appreciate. 🙂

We went up to Fayetteville for Mother’s Day weekend and had a GREAT time.
Lots of family and friends were seen, got in some good talks with my mom and people got to the see (and rub on) “the bump”, which is coming in quite nicely.

I’m at 20 weeks and a few days, feeling good and the baby is moving more and more.
I started feeling movement two weeks ago when I was up in St. Louis (baby loves St. Louis already-very good!) and there has been steady increases in little flutters and jolts.
Makes me feel good to know there’s growing and exploring going on in there.

Here’s my 20 week picture, including a yummy green smoothie!

20 weeks

Those are certainly maternity jeans (which I have now switched over to) and a top from Anthro that I just got a size bigger that I can wear after baby.

The green smoothie was really good, I haven’t been feeling them for a bit but I made this one and I think they are going to come back into the rotation.

Here’s the recipe:

Green Cashew Smoothie
Big Handful Mixed Greens
Kefir (blackberry flavor, 1/2 cup)
Handful Raw Cashews
The smoothie made a Mason jar and a half, portable (went in the car on the drive to my moms) and tons of fiber.
The cashews were a bit different….kinda chunky at the end but still a nice touch!
Hope all are having a great weekend, I’m off to prepare for Candlelight Yoga tonight and to relax a bit more on the Sunday.

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