Milk in the Wine Glass and the rest of my 30th Birthday

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I turned 30 over the weekend. Woo! Woo! ๐Ÿ™‚

I felt alright about it, I am still getting comfortable with getting older and 30 simply is another milestone to cross.

The celebration was somewhat different than I thought it would be, before baby there was talk of a Vegas trip. I had also planned on going on another teacher training up to Kripalu, neither of these things happened.

What we did do was have a great weekend here in Little Rock!
My mom came in and we did a girl’s day on Saturday with a full day at the spa and a yummy dinner at one of my favorite places.

I got a prenatal massage, which I HIGHLY recommend.
There was some pillow shuffle with the massage, my belly isn’t big enough for the large pregnancy pillow but I am too big to just lie on the table with a small wedge.
I tried the little wedge pillow and baby was soo MAD! I was totally pressing on baby’s space and I was surely informed!
I have not felt movement like that ever, it occurs to me that baby thought I was squishing and crushing the house!

Piece of pregnancy massage advice- just use the big pregnancy pillow where you have to lie down in this big form with dips for your boobs and belly, if your too small they can prop you with pillows to fill in the extra space.
Far better than having a cranky banana-sized baby kicking at you cause she/he can no longer move!

Once we figured out the pillow situation, the massage was very relaxing. ๐Ÿ™‚

After the spa day, we got home where some gorgeous flowers were waiting and then we headed to dinner.

I tend to like dresses when we go out (pregnant or not) but I did like this outfit, black capri’s and black halter tank from Gap Maternity. The tank is long, cotton, and didn’t cling.
I love the flowers, lilies, orchids and a very unique arrangement- so pretty.

Flowers and dressed, ready to go to dinner at Capeo!

After dinner was the highlight of my birthday….this is when I put of sweatpants and got homemade gluten-free cookie cake!

SO. GOOD. The cookie cake and the sweatpants. ๐Ÿ™‚

My mom had to get in on the cookie cake action, notice she didn’t put on sweatpants…she has so much more restraint than I!

Mom and me!

I poured some milk into a wine glass (which I’m on a countdown till I can use it for actual wine!) and toasted entering into my 30’s!
Avery obviously wanted in on the action…. : )

Avery likes milk, I think she just likes whatever I’m eating or drinking!

I do like the milk in the wine glass, think I might keep it up till baby gets here. I’m not drinking while I’m pregnant….I’m not one to have just one glass of wine so not drinking at all is the way to go! This is just me, I know plenty of women who enjoy their wine and I applaud them! ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, the evening was very tame, quite calm, and really since I ended the night in sweatpants with treats, I call it a win.

We have more celebrating to do this coming weekend, our anniversary was yesterday- we’ve been married two years!!
We’ve did a joint birthday/anniversary trip last year and we are this year too- really excited!
Guesses on where we’re going?
It’s super easy…. ๐Ÿ™‚


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