Memorial Day Weekend Review

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Happy Memorial Day!

A day to remember, a day of respect.
I hope you all had a great weekend.


We had a quiet weekend around here.

On Saturday morning I subbed in the Hot Class at the studio

A pic of me before I headed off…

Matching mama and CBJ

I usually teach in a warm room but this was the first hot class (90-95 degrees) that I’d taught since before I was pregnant….so it’s been awhile people!

I’ve always been a fan of hot yoga so it felt good to be back in it.
Did lots of Eagle pose with different variations…I need to get the camera out and do some documentation…

I’ve been keeping up my yoga practice at home, I do some very quick sessions and some much longer sessions depending on the nap situation but after Saturday I’m feeling inspired to do some more long sessions.
We’ll see what CBJ has in store with nap times!

Did some baby wearing at Barnes & Noble…

CBJ looks less than thrilled…

And today we got to go to some friend’s for a cook-out.
Not too bad for the long weekend!

I’m off to teach.
Have a fabulous rest of your long weekend!


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