Mama Workout and Breast Feeding. A Balance.

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I’m now a person that owns workout dvds.

Not that there’s anything wrong with workout dvds. It just brings up images of infomercials and late night t.v. usually involving eating potato chips and peanut butter m&m’s.

Here’s my “workout space”, notice that the space is occupied…


I workout during nap time, the rest of the day it’s CBJ’s zone so plenty of toys and blankets.

I wrote in a post a bit ago that I had dropped my gym membership, which turns out isn’t true.
Whoever I spoke to about that didn’t cancel the membership so… I paid to drive by the gym last month.
I’ve gone several times since we figured out the account had indeed been charged the auto draft from the gym and it’s felt great to move.
Also makes me calmer, gives me some time out of the house and makes my jeans fit better.
Gym is all good but on daily basis I’m at home with CBJ so I’ve had to come up with other way to get moving.
I do yoga, which I love and I used yogaglo a LOT.

I wanted to up the sweat and I COULD do jumping jacks and lunges on my own but I lack the motivation to push myself with my own workouts….I stop and change the channel on the t.v. or realize I must do the laundry immediately.

I got the Jillian Michaels dvd, “Ripped in 30” which is just about nap length with a shower included.
Thought it was pretty good and I was shocked at how much I worked up a sweat.
I also got winded and I consider myself to be in pretty good shape.
So that was a surprise.
And not a good one!

A friend of mine gave me Jillians’s DVD “Hard Body” which is 15 minutes longer and involves a DJ spinning the workout tunes- hilarious!
This one also has some moves that will really hurt your back is your not careful. I didn’t hurt myself but as I was doing it I had the thought that it could get ugly.

Both are good, both have me get sweaty and it makes me feel like I’m getting a workout without the

Here’s the rub of it for me…I’m still breast feeding. And right now exclusively breast feeding, no solids, no water, just mama milk.

My view. 🙂

Which is a great thing for our family and I am happy to do it.

And I don’t know who loses “a ton” of weight with breast feeding cause I know for me, I have to eat to feed my kid and that translates into food in, feeding, and then no weight loss!

The minute I drop my calories my supply drops.
Not sure if this is just me or what but it is what it is.
People swear to me that’s no why my supply drops but everyone is different and for me, I need calories or else…the cheeks will not get full.

Go Cards!!!

And I EAT to fuel myself and grow CBJ.
Peanut Butter, almonds, lactation cookies, beans, quinoa, tortillas, salads, sweet potatoes, and plenty of coconut water as well as plain water.
Notice there’s no meat.
I’ve mentioned it before but I’m not a meat eater so we get protein from other sources round here and it’s been that way since waay before I was even pregnant.

Long and the short of it?

I’m working out for the endorphins and enjoyment of it as opposed to the desire to drop a ton of weight.
To be fair, I lost weight quickly after I had CBJ so I am thankful I’m not struggling with baby weight still but now I do have the desire to keep fitting into my clothes, which I do. Whew.  🙂
I do want the body to get leaner but for me to drop pounds?
Ain’t gonna happen right now!

I write this for the moms like me that aren’t doing the “body back” programs, cause those programs with the “eating plans”….um….nope!

I also write it cause it’s another part of being a mom that I didn’t think about, my body is providing for another, just like pregnancy and I’ve gotta sit back and enjoy the ride.

Any other moms have this happening for them?
And if anyone has some good workout DVD recommendations, facebook, comment or e-mail me!


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