How Do I Look?

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Welcome to a little part of my daily life.

It’s called “How Do I Look”.

“How Do I Look?” is one of Clarabelle’s favorite phrases.

I indulge her cause I think it’s hilarious.

I try and ask her how she “feels” along with the look but that hasn’t quite taken yet…

To indulge myself, I’ve decided to share her looks (and some of mine), I do love dressing her so, why not?

Most of the time she walks up to our large mirror in the master bedroom, puffs out her tummy, opens her arms wide and asks, “How Do I Look?”.

Please believe it is fabulous.
It is also very hard to capture on camera.

Lucky us, she has started to ask the question all the time and everywhere.

So the documentation of “How Do I Look” has begun.

I got her some moccasins which she was more than happy to model…


She was thrilled with them. Thrilled.


And as you can see, they are very functional, you can even mow the lawn in them!


And no, I don’t have her mow the lawn.
She was being supervised.
The mower was in no way on. Promise.
And she’s crazy strong, she pushed that lawnmower across the back porch and onto the grass (what?!?!?!).
I was impressed…

In case you “need” some, I got them from Freshly Picked

Today’s outfit was all Tea Collection.
She likes the top because it has ruffles.
I like the shoes because I want some.


And mid-sentence. Asking to, “go to the park with mama”.
We did. 🙂


Do notice that she’s holding a twisty straw.
Here’s my parenting tip of the day, get your kids those cups with lids and twisty straws from Walgreens or Target.
The lids stay on and your kids can’t pull the straws out.
Win. Win.

She also gave my scarf a try but ended up yelling, “Get it off!” and running away from it while still wearing it.


That’s enough for today.

Till tomorrow then.
When the question will be asked again (cause you know it will be)…


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