Keep moving Momma’s…and ignore the stares!

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I’ve been slowing down a bit.
I’ve actually been slowing down more and more this past month, I don’t know what it was about month 8 but the tiredness really set in.

I’ll be officially 9 months pregnant on Friday so I guess that is to be expected!

I am still working out and I did want to share how I’ve done some changes with speed/intensity/time.

I have become a big fan of incline walking and it has been my workout of choice this pregnancy as soon as I realized running was not going to work anymore!
I wrote a pregnant style workout post here.

I don’t think it’s odd for pregnant women to be at the gym, I see pregnant women all the time at my gym, this may or may not be the case where you are.
Some people are real funny about pregnant ladies sweating…

The other day while I was getting ready to start my workout the woman on the treadmill next to me kept staring at me.
Which is awkward.
I mean, I’m used to it by now but it was an intense stare…

I had not taken a step when she looked at me which horror and asked, “You’re not going to RUN are you?!”….
Like I was going to birth this baby on the treadmill.

I wished SO badly that I could still run and only out of fear of peeing myself did I not break into a jog.
Le sigh.
: )

I couldn’t believe she said anything at all, people feel they can say anything they want to pregnant women but for me the gym is a sacred space.
For me to be left alone.
To waddle on the treadmill in peace.

I politely told her, “No, I’ll be walking but thanks for your concern.”
And then I did do my walk…with pride.
So there.
: )

I workout cause it makes me feel better, gives me energy, and another bonus- being upright and moving helps the baby to move down to prep for labor.

Here I am getting ready to head to the gym, I’m at 8 months and 3+ weeks here….

Sorry for the yellow tint….I’ll do another….

And here’s more of a side angle shot….

35+ weeks pregnant ( 8 months and 3+ weeks).
Favorite workout tank- Old Navy Side-Rouched tank, they’re 12.00 bucks. Go load up!

I always look so cheesy.
And I do the “thumbs up” cause I thought it was cute.
I might be re-thinking that!


My workouts are still about 45-50 minutes long, I am thinking this will turn into 25-30 minute workouts as time goes on.

Low and Slow Incline Walking Workout
Minutes 1-3:  3.3 pace @ 1.0% incline
Minutes: 4-5: 3.5 pace @ 3.0% incline
Minutes 5-10: 3.3 pace @ 6.0% or 3.0% incline
Minutes 11-15 3.0 pace @ 9.0% or 6.0% incline
Minutes 16-20: 3.3 pace @ 6.0% or 3.0% incline
Minutes 21-25: 3.5 pace @ 3.0% incline
Minutes 26-30: 3.3 or 3.5 pace @ 1.0% incline.
Minutes 30-35: 3.3 or 3.5 pace @ 3.0% incline
Minutes 36-40: 3.3 pace @ 6.0% incline
Minutes 41-45: 3.0 pace @ 9.0% incline
Minutes 46-50: 3.0-2.8 pace @ 3.0% or 1.0% incline, decreasing pace and incline as you cool down
This is just an example, some days I am tired and I walk at a 3.0% incline at 3.0-3.5 pace.
Or I drop the incline and simply walk.
Whatever it is I try to move and get some energy happening.
I really have had to learn to listen to my body and always listen to what your body is telling you!
If it’s not a good day for you to workout, than don’t!
Pushing doesn’t help anything when you’re pregnant.
So, if you’re pregnant like me, ignore people’s comments and stares and do your workout!
And if you’re not pregnant but you see the preggo at the gym…be nice to her, give her a smile, she feels awkward enough already!

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