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I’ve figured out life with a baby is pretty routine.

Or at least it is around here, I know there are families that run around to different places every day, vacation on a whim and make dinner plans with a 7:00 p.m. reservation.

Not us.

To be fair we do “do” thing but we’re schedule- type people.
I’ve figured out we all do a bit better that way.
And now Clarabelle knows the routine, knows she’s gonna get the naps or “quiet time” and bedtime is MUCH less of a struggle.

Nap time (“quiet time”) is the same time pretty much every day.
Bedtime is the same time every day…whether or not little miss gets to sleep at any time all the time is another story!

We get up.


Daily walk…here’s my attempt at a photo pre-walk.

CBJ is somewhat interested. And holding Desitin.

Pretty lame photos in terms of quality.
How do other blog people get nice, full body, “not holding the camera in face” pictures?

And she’s over it.

Here’s my view on the walk.

baby, k’tan, avery leading the way

Worn baby.
Speed walking Avery.
Sweaty me. It’s Arkansas. Already sticky heat. Gross.

Then it’s nap time or “quiet time”.
I do a workout video or yoga, most days CBJ gets in on the action as the nap is about 45 or so minutes.
Or maybe she gets to watch me look like a fool for an hour cause she’s opted out of the nap.
These are the workouts I’m doing now. Option 1, Option 2.
I workout every day. No matter how many times I have to go her out with “quiet time”.
It helps me burn off energy and gives me time for myself.
And I think everyone needs time for themselves.
I think there’s this idea that stay-at-home moms don’t need “me time” because we’re at home all day…so isn’t that “me time”?
In my opinion, “me time” is time just for what I can (or try) to do.
And it’s much needed.
woo! woo! for a calmer mommy.

Most days after the workout I shower and pull myself together and we do errands or clean.
She loves the vacuum.
She’s not so into emptying the dishwasher.
I think that’s because I wear her in the K’tan and the leaning down to empty the bottom level is like falling backwards with no clue where it will end.
I know she’s not gonna fall out but she’s not so sure.

We also play, which isn’t shocking cause we’re home and we all gotta be entertained.
Lots of “real objects”.
Brushes. Spoons. Bowls. Remotes.
There is a love of paper. The desire to eat paper.
The unhappiness when the paper is taken away…

But ya gotta switch it up, for my sanity and for CBJ’s as well!

The other day we did something new, that would be the “twist” part of the title.

We had a play-date (which is something out of the ordinary but much liked by both).

We went to The Wonder Place, which is here in Little Rock with a girl friend and her little boy.
They have a baby section, a water table, dress up, play store, art room, and lots of toys.

kiddos, new toys to eat.

It’s good to get out and I think the new toys help with the boredom of the usual we have at home.
Not that our toys here are dull but ya know, new is always fun.

And we certainly don’t have a water table at the house…

she’s real serious about the table

And the wall of velcro with shapes to stick up is another wonder we don’t have at the house either!

scratch. scratch. scratch.

CBJ liked the overall experience…
It was kinda overwhelming for her at times (did the reach back to make sure I was still there) but I did get a smile caught on camera

And a on-the-move shot…

really wanting to crawl.

If you’re in Little Rock with a kid, it’s worth the trip.
Kinda expensive, 7.50 for adult but kids under one are free.
I say it’s expensive cause we don’t stay long but it’s worth it, the afternoon nap after was considerably longer- winning.

So that’s a day around here with a twist.
Pretty basic and I’m happy to have the ability to do the play times, the nap times, the walks, and the always enjoyable vacuuming and laundry.

It’s different to not be teaching as much (1 class is what I’ve got with some subbing sprinkled in) and some days I want to be doing more.
And then I will and I realize I feel better being at home, being close with CBJ makes me calmer.

There will be a lifetime to teach more.
I’ve got this time for play time.
And the “nap times”.
The usual.


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