The journey…and the aftermath.

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I told my friend that I would blog much more since we moved (she isn’t interested in me, she wants to see CBJ, which is the only thing I blog about so I get it).

We’re officially in St. Louis now. 🙂

Moving in and getting things settled.

And there are things to be settled. You care a lot more about the lining of the cabinets, the hanging of the towel racks and the cleaning of the gutters when the home you’re in is yours (in other words, you pay the mortgage).

The ride up was uneventful. Basically because my mom came with us and entertained CBJ in the backseat. We stopped at Cracker Barrel (my mom aka “Grammy”‘s favorite pit stop).

We did stop at my mom’s favorite rest stop, I love that she has a favorite rest stop. Not at all surprising if you know my mother.

CBJ ran laps in the parking lot with my mom. She’s already a great power walker. 😉

Gotta get that hustle girl.
Gotta get that hustle girl.


She also collected some great leaves for me.

Clearly I had some depth issues with this one...
Clearly I had some depth issues with this one…


And I will take this close up to brag on her outfit. Cute right? I’ve decided that multiple prints are a great look. GREAT. I mean, I can’t pull them off but CBJ can so I layer her up.


What do you think? Polk dots and scalloped stripes...with glitter accent shoes? Um. YES.
What do you think? Polk dots and scalloped stripes…with glitter accent shoes? Um. YES.


I’m happy the road trip went so smoothly. Another thing that helped was nursing in the car. I know, I KNOW. I shouldn’t. But…it gets a nap. And her some boob time. So, sure did. I know I’m not the only one guilty of this, right? Someone PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one!

Moving past my guilt…

We got here. And our new neighbors brought us cookies (what? how sweet is that?!)

Unpacked. Napped. Unpacked. Went to the Container Store. Unpacked. Went to Home Depo. Unpacked. Nursed/nap nursed/nursed more. Unpacked. Realized we didn’t get the dryer tube from the old house so realized we have a non-working dryer. Unpacked. Went to Trader Joe’s. Unpacked.

Stopped unpacking to have some wine.

And then…

CBJ and I got colds.

Boogie Monster.
Boogie Monster.


So that’s where we’re at today.

Snot. Boxes. And still unpacking. 😉

Alright…I’ve got to go neti-pot.



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