“I’m gonna go for a Run…”

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As the title would imply…I did go for a run.


And I thought it went well, I didn’t fall (which the last time I ran outside around our neighborhood I fell. Hard. And have nasty scars to prove it).

Not a long run, 30 minutes but that’s a start.
I ran the flat parts, and let’s be honest, I ran the downhill parts. Absolutely walked the uphill parts.

Legs felt good and the knees didn’t ache- winning.

I did discover that I need some new music. I like to run to rap. Somehow I didn’t have much of that and so I ran to classic rock, which is still good but not quite what I was looking for. Song suggestions are welcome….

Clarabelle was very interested in my running.

So much so that she attempted to chase me down the street (this is according to Travis). She told him she wanted to play on the front porch and then darted off to follow me.

Smart girl. 🙂

When I get home she kept saying, “I’m-a Gonna go for a Run”, “I’m-a Gonna go for a Run” and then ran around the house.
Over. And Over. And Over. Again.

She also took control of the ipod and kept listening to her music.


She looks like a professional with that already, doesn’t she?

Maybe it’s time I put air in the running stroller tires and see how we do…

On a totally un-running related note, did you know soup is best eaten with a pen?

You didn’t know?


Well…now you do. 😉


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