Hometown Baby Shower and 34 (kinda) week pic

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Somehow even though my work schedule has slowed down I find myself very busy.

Busy napping.
Busy nesting.
Busy walking.
Busy resting.

And busy getting some fabulous gifts for our soon to be coming Little Miss.

We were given a wonderful shower hosted by my cousin and my aunt several weekends ago.
I’ve been real behind on my posts, the shower was on August the 4th…and it’s now the 19th. Yikes.

Time is FLYING by the way…I cannot believe it’s almost the end of August!
I’m at 34 weeks ( 8 1/2 months) which means you know, technically she could come anytime….I’m at the point where earlier sounds better although I know longer is better…and much more likely!

Here’s a recent picture, this was taken last week at 33 weeks and 6 days so let’s just round it to a 34 week picture, shall we?

34ish week pic!
If I look a bit tired, it’s cause I’m getting more tired! : )

Onto the real focus of my post, the Fayetteville shower!

My mom had made the cutest tissue paper fluffy ball decorations. She made them in the colors of baby’s room- gray, yellow, reds and oranges.

My Aunt Lou made the best fruit bowl I’ve ever seen….

Can’t you see? It’s a BABY!!! LOVE it!!!

Here’s a bump shot, I loved the dress I wore.
I think the key is separating your boobs from your bump, the sash really helped give me a “waist”.

Shower time and 8 months pregnant.

Lots of friends and family came….

Heather, Susie, and Me


Me and my cousin Leah, she was an excellent hostess!


Mom loving on the bump, rarely do I have people touch the belly but always an exception.


Me with some of Travis’s family- we’ve got a soon-to-be Grandma and a soon-to-be Great Grandma here. : )


My cousin Jenae and my Aunt Lou, my Aunt Lou was a great hostess too!

Little Miss got some really great gifts, including a custom-made play mat!

You can’t see it but there is a Cardinals patch, a yoga monkey, and lots of textured fabrics.

And Travis came, he was an excellent model for one of the gifts!

Great fitting Ego isn’t it? Cannot wait to use this!

The weekend was great, the energy and love was all around.
I know both of our families are so excited for the baby to get here, we are too!

It’s late and this momma is tired.
I’m going to try and have the posts be more frequent cause there is actually quite a bit going on…
We’ll see.
Happy Monday in advance!
: )


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