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So I’ve hit the magical 36 week mark.
9 months.
Woo! Woo!
From this point on if the baby wants to make her appearance, she’s cleared and free to do so.
: )

And I’ll bet most people are like me, you think pregnancy last 9 months.
I’m going to share the somewhat harsh truth to you ladies….you’re actually pregnant for 10 months.
There it is.
I said it.
You’re due date is calculated for 40 weeks.
So…you have to make it through the entire 9th month.
Let that sink in.
It took me awhile to wrap my head around it!

And I want her to grow and be as healthy as possible, so she can take her full time.
It’s all good with me but I wish I would’ve really realized from the start that when I hit 9 months I would still have about a month to go!

And honestly I’m having a smooth pregnancy, I’m very grateful for this.
I am moving, feeling well most days, and most people are really supportive.
I actually can’t believe she’ll be here so soon!
It is so weird that I’ve been pregnant since January and I won’t be pregnant next month!
Taking it one day at a time and enjoying the experience.

With that being said, we would like to meet this little girl!

Do I think she’s coming anytime soon?
I don’t know.
Statistically 1st time pregnancies last past the due date so the odds are not in my favor.

At this point I don’t tell anyone my due date.
Cause if I go over, I’ll already know and be counting down.
More pressure isn’t going to help the situation.
And really, if you’re any good at math and I’ll letting you know I’m at 9 months (give or take a few days) then add the weeks and you’ve got a pretty good clue when little miss is to be coming.

For some reason I feel like she’s gonna come early, my doula tells me that all 1st time momma’s say that.
But I REALLY do think she’ll come early.
We shall see…

This coming week (and we go every week now) when we go to the doctor we will get her weight range, body position and see how everything is looking.
I cannot wait to see her, the last time we saw her was when we found out she was a “her” so it’s been a long time!

Here’s what 9 months is looking like down here…

9 months and a peak at little misses’ room.
Notice Avery is making herself right at home in there already!

I’m still attempting to create a waist with a wide belt, wrote a post about creating a waist here

Belt, Bump, good times.

I’ve been moving around pretty well, my naps are needed in the afternoons, and when the baby moves around a lot, I get sea sick…which sounds weird but that’s exactly what it feels like!

I’ve started drinking 3rd Trimester Tea to help my body get ready for labor, I keep walking, and I’m trying to not be nervous about the fact I’m going to actually have to give birth instead of just talk about it.

On the planner this week is making “lactation cookies” to freeze for after the baby comes. The recipe is basically chocolate chip cookies with some added brewer’s yeast and flax, which means anyone can eat them, not just ladies that are trying to feed a little one.
I’m also putting the finishing touches on little misses room and we’re gonna tempt to put the car seat into the car. That might get pretty funny.
: )

Have a Happy Labor Day!!


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