Hello New Smoothie and now officially into the 3rd Trimester

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It’s 10 degrees cooler here today.
Sad when 94 degrees feels cool.
Whatever. I’ll take it.
: )

So last Friday moved me into 27 weeks which by the books means I’m into the third trimester.

I feel like I need to read my books and get some diapers.

Since we’re in the 3rd trimester I figured bump was old enough to go see “Magic Mike”….
Which we did Sunday afternoon (felt a little funny seeing a movie about male strippers on Sunday but what can you do?)

Me, Bump, and 20.00 bucks….you know, I case I wanted to toss cash at the screen . 🙂
27 weeks and a few days!

I do look slightly pained in this picture, was trying not to laugh holding the cash. Yikes.

On a non-stripper note, this whole outfit is non-maternity.
Skirt- J. Crew
Top- GAP
Cardigan- oldie but goodie J. Crew

The skirt and top are 2 sizes bigger than non-pregnant me and I know they’ll get use after baby’s arrival. At this point clothes that will work after baby comes are a priority, think it’s cause I am quickly approaching the end of the pregnancy!
Then comes fitting back into everything. But that’s for another day. Le sigh. 🙂

“Magic Mike” was alright. The dancing was good, credit is due where it is due.
The acting was TERRIBLE.
But no one was going to see this for the plot….

I also thought the movie was kinda depressing.
I wanted to tell the characters that they would probably regret their career choice later in life, maybe tell them to go back to school.
A very dull response to the movie I suppose….
This does not surprise me at all.
When I’ve gone to strip clubs (and this has not been often), I’m the girl talking to the dancers about their lives and whatnot.
I know, lame.
And not a good wing-woman for any bachelor parties out there! 🙂

Enough about the movie and me being lame at strip clubs- smoothie time.

I made this smoothie last night and also this morning.
Why the double dose?
I was shown this weekend that my body is no longer tolerating cheese, corn, and heavy sweets.
More greens were in order.
Good times. Right….

Spin-Berry Smoothie
Green Goodness


3/4 cup frozen Spinach
1 cup frozen Berries (raspberries and blueberries in this)
Almond Milk (not sure, maybe 3/4-1 cup)
Water (splash to thin)
Stevia (I used to packets, you’re call though)
Blend. Drink. Maybe store half, it’s a big smoothie.
This smoothie has a ton of fiber and no dairy, very good to start the day off with. Also, it’s not too green, spinach is mild and the stevia adds some sweetness so you don’t taste any grass flavor!
I teach two more classes today so I’m off to nap pre-class.
: )

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