Halloween Flashback and 13 months now…

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Happy Halloween!

Here’s a pic from last year…

Clearly was at the end of the day.
Clearly was at the end of the day.

And another less hysterical..

How was she ever that tiny?
How was she ever that tiny?

And here we are this year.

Sassy girl in a great costume made by Grammy!
Sassy girl in a great costume made by Grammy!

We went to a Halloween Party at a play place here in town and had a great time, she was a big hit. ๐Ÿ˜‰


We’re not going trick or treating as it conflicts with bedtime but I think the play place party counts for celebrating the holiday!

CBJ also turned 13 months this past week!

They don’t make those cute “month” stickers after 12 months so here’s a pick from last week to document.

So tall she reaches the counter tops...yikes. ;)
So tall she reaches the counter tops…yikes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Clarabelle has been all over the place.
She has officially started walking!
Which is really cute.
Travis was actually there to see her first steps, which was really great for all of us.
She still falls.
A lot.
But she’s getting the hang of standing and squatting to get things.

This has made my life interesting as my child-proofing has been light at best so, I rush around moving breakable or edible things quite often.

She still has her 10 glorious teeth and the top molars are starting to poke through too.
Very giggly. Very happy.
Unless she is told “no”.
Then it gets a little intense.

She is also loving “doing” yoga with me (this means I do yoga and she climbs on me like a money).

With eating…
It’s more somedays, could care less other days.
Dinner is her biggest meal and breakfast she could take or leave.

Breastfeeding is still going.
Within a 24 hour period she nurses between 4-6 times.
Still different every day.

I still struggle with this, the not knowing what each day will bring but I am trying to let it go.
Really working with the thought that she knows what she needs and my role is to be available and supportive of that process.

Napping has been a mess.
Either none or nap-nursing.
So I’ve re-introduced “quiet time”.

I did this because I would get 3 minutes of “me” time when I showered.
I need more than that.
There was a point that I realized I was not being the parent I wanted to me.
I was irritated. Frustrated. TIRED.

So now “quiet time” is back in our routine and that is for the best!
She can nurse down or not but she does do an afternoon quiet time so everyone can get a break.

I’m a better parent with time to actually shower and she can play or sleep.

I’ll write more on this, the need to have time for me and what really led me to being honest about that but that is for another post. Cause it’s gonna be long. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So…that’s life here at 13 months.
Getting a little more intense with this new phase of independence for little miss.

We keep on.
And she’s actually napping today.


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