Would I call it “gearing up”? Not quite.

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So it’s December.

CBJ played in the snow for the first time.

There was some confusion...
There was some confusion…

I busted out the long North Face which I call “the mom coat” and CBJ got to wear her woolie pants.

Cute woolies right? There my new favorite things. Got them local too! :)
Cute woolies right?
There my new favorite things. Got them local too! ๐Ÿ™‚

So you can see “the mom coat” in it’s full glory…

I must admit I do like the coat. It's not a full on ski jacket and black is slimming. I'm calling it a kinda win.
I must admit I do like the coat. It’s not a full on ski jacket and black is slimming. I’m calling it a kinda win.

Which was fun for about 3 minutes till she put her hands in the snow…

This stuff is cold. Like...real cold.
This stuff is cold. Like…real cold.

Then there were some tears and we went inside.

I could get her gloves but where do you get baby gloves?

A mystery to be solved…

In other news.

Less than 15 days till Christmas.

We have not decked the halls.

And not that I’m not all about Christmas, I do enjoy the holiday BUT with a toddler I opted out of the tree as I would be playing defense ALL day.

I have gotten her gifts, I got these ice cream cones
and also these spinning magnets for the fridge

Both of which she has played with before and seems to really like.

On a selfish note, I think the spinning magnets are really cool and want them to decorate the fridge.
You know I’ll be playing with them too.

I have also treated myself to an expensive and not REALLY needed fabulous diaper bag

I saw the diaper bag in a great blog that I follow called Camp Patton

Check it out. Really funny stuff.
And the mom that writes it has 3 kids (one on the way) and looks fantastic.
And has time to blog. Daily.
I’m impressed.

Back to the total splurge diaper bag…

It occurred to me while I was placing the order for said diaper bag that I don’t really use the diaper bags I have all that much.
My justification for buying the new bag is that since it doesn’t LOOK like a diaper bag, I’ll use it.

I also have one child.
And she’ll be 15 months this month.
So how much will I REALLY need to use a diaper bag…
We shall see.

The daily around here has been a lot of development.

CBJ is walking all over and now drags her blankets around with her all over the house.

She has started to sit on our laps to have books read to her and she gives great hugs.

She can also climb down from beds and chairs but still needs help getting up…

She is getting better with her words, she says, “hair” and touches her head.
She knows and says “store” when I ask if she wants to go.

FYI- the “store” is Whole Foods in our world.

“moon”, “start”, “duck”, “doll”, “ball”, and always “dog” are all part of the vocab now.

Are the words crystal clear?
But I can hear them (like a true mom right there, huh?).

She is also very into faces (she has been since forever) and she’s now discovered her tongue and sticks it out all the time.
She also tries to grab my tongue all the time…
But awkward.

She’s still nursing, probably 6-8 times in a 24 hour period.
She’s gotten more comfortable with “snacking”.
Please believe she still only likes to nurse in her spa-like environment but I think she’s realized that just cause she nurses doesn’t mean that she has to take a nap or go to bed.

This is a good thing to realize. ๐Ÿ™‚

She’s still kinda eating.
She is loving pickles right now…

Baby led weaning at it's finest, I offer many things and it's pickles for dinner. Love it. :)
Baby led weaning at it’s finest, I offer many things and it’s pickles for dinner. Love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

On a final note I do have something “Christmasy” for you.

A gift idea.

A book for you.

It’s called “Mama’s Milk“, you can get it here

It has pictures of different animals and mothers nursing.
Whether you are nursing mother or not it’s a great book to show how different mammals feed their young.

On a personal note, here’s why I recommend it.

It’s one of the only books she will bring to me and then sit and let me read the WHOLE thing.
This is big.
For her to sit for a whole book.
Big time, folks.

And when she wants to nurse she will pull it out and point to the picture of the mama and baby nursing.
Ok…so she doesn’t pull the book out ALL the time but she does get animated with her pointing when she’s hungry.

So that’s what’s what around here.

I am going to take CBJ to get her picture taken with Santa.
You see?
I’m totally in the holiday spirit.


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