Flowers? Hmmm….. And birth music.

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I sent my gynecologist/obstetrician flowers today.

Does that make me weird?


But you know what?

I am so thankful that I have my doctors.

If you’re in Little Rock, I HIGHLY recommend Little Rock Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Dr. Beck and Dr. Gregory are fantastic.

Dr. Beck has always been so supportive.
When I was having issues with ovulation, she was ready to do whatever I wanted to do (thankfully, my thyroid started to function better).
When I had some bleeding at 20 weeks and showed up at their office crying, she let me hear Clarabelle’s heartbeat.
Since CLarabelle’s birth, I’ve gone in for duct issues, for fertility questions and she has been so happy to talk with me.

THAT is a good doctor.
THAT is the doctor you want looking at your yoni.
I’m just say’in…


Dr. Beck was gone on the night Clarabelle was born, so Dr. Gregory was the one who actually delivered CBJ.

I’d met her once, maybe twice.

I thought she was fabulous at my birth.


Because she was a silent witness.
She put those gloves on and let the birth happen.
I KNOW she did more than that, I do KNOW that but she wasn’t in my face, she didn’t tell me to “push” (cause I was…) and I thought she was a very calm presence.

So that’s why they got flowers today.


I cannot stress how important good support is and for me, I’m happy my doctors were part of Clarabelle’s birth.

Onto the day of labor (last year).
While I was in labor, which was all day at the house, I played a birth mix and was either in bed, on the yoga mat, or in the shower.

I recommend a birth mix, gives you something to concentrate on.
I also have played it off and on since Clarabelle’s birth and I swear she KNOWS it.
I played this mix ALL day at the house, through labor at the hospital (my computer came with us to the hospital people) and after she was born it continued playing till we finally got to go to the room to sleep.
Like you sleep after you’re baby is born. Please. I haven’t “slept” since she’s been with us!

Anyways…birth tunes.


Here it is:

Lakshmi- Girish, Donna Delory, Greg Leisz, and Georges Lamman
Om Mani Padme Hum 4- Jane Winther
Om Mani Madme Hum1- Jane Winther
Lakshmi- David Hicken
Gayatri Mantra- Deva Premal
Bija Mantras, Watering the Seeds-Ben Leinbach & Jai Uttal
Lakshmi Mantra- Suzin Green
Bathe in These Waters- Donna Delory
He Maha Lakshmi- David Newman

And you know it’s all chanting and yoga type stuff so you could also do yoga to this mix.
I’ve certainly done some yoga to it…and taught a class or two to the mix too…

I’ve gotta clean for CBJ’s birthday celebration.
It might take awhile.

But, today we did The Little Gym and CBJ is so asleep.
So…I’ve got time (hopefully!).


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