Dressing up Bump: The skinny belt. Who knew?

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Sweet Lord it is HOT.
100 degrees today. I mean really. It’s only June folks…
Not looking promising for the rest of the summer cooling off or for me to be outside much unless it involves a pool.

Here’s my view these days….

I didn’t realized I couldn’t see my feet anymore till looked down today!

Good times. The dog dishes look so tiny compared to that belt and bump don’t they?

Point of this post, I discovered the skinny belt this week.
Never wore one pre-pregnancy, not sure if I’ll wear one after but I am loving the belts as of now.
Before I was pregnant I thought they slid down awkwardly or gave me a bit of a muffin top, now they accent what waist I have left.

Love it!

I did a nice little casual look today~

Actual waist. And confused Avery

And from the side~

Again, Avery is confused but her ‘stache looks quite nice!


I find this to be an easy way to dress up a tee shirt. Or loose tunic. Or a sundress.
Easy is good. 🙂
I would love to wear a cute cardigan with this but as I mentioned earlier, it was 100 degrees today so that’s REALLY not an option!

Here’s what I wore last night to a wedding shower~

Pre-preggo J. Crew tunic and my new skinny belt that I bought on sale from GAP.

I find it to be a small miracle that I have a mini-waist between the bump and boobs.
I usually would wear a thick belt with this tunic but at this point I can’t breath with that so the new skinny belt seems to be a better fit.
From the front there’s no real bump but you know when I turn to the side it’s a whole new ball game!

Until my chest overtakes the belt I’m going to keep wearing this look, after that….I’ll see what I can come up with!

Gonna rest up for the week so I’m off to bed.
Hope your weekend was good, they always go by too fast…


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