“Don’t let it hurt your feelings”

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As I write this I am lying in bed post-lunch.

Post-lunch while pregnant is not a good time for me.
I felt slightly better in the afternoons during my 2nd trimester but now that I am well into my 3rd, the ill feelings and tiredness from the 1st trimester are back in full force.

No matter what I eat or the amount I eat I feel ill.
I will say less food is better than too much with this but it still is a challenge to not feel well and know it’s coming everyday.
I take my few hours to not be top-notch and by the evening I’m usually much better, I find that if I do some yoga things start to turn around.

God. Bless. Yoga. : )

I have been wanting to write this post for some time and the more conversations I have with others the more I am prompted to put something out there that I think applies whether your pregnant or not.

Yes, it’s going to start out as a pregnant thing but I’m gonna bring it around so it’s like, a daily thing.

I was telling the woman I nannied for about being somewhat overwhelmed by the changes happening in my body and the strangeness of having clothing fit one week and by the next there not been a chance in hell I was gonna be able to button that top/pair of pants/dress.

And she looked at me and said, “Your body is just doing what it does, don’t let it hurt your feelings.”

I’m gonna repeat that again…. “Your body is just doing what it does, DON’T LET IT HURT YOUR FEELINGS.”

I threw the caps lock on for the repeat, I assume you caught it.
: )

And her saying that has stuck with me because I was taking it personally that my clothes weren’t fitting.

Like it was something that I could “fix” or force to not happen.

As we all know pregnant women get bigger, it’s the nature of the deal but for those of us who have always tried to control our bodies, our shape, our “look” it can be a very challenging thing to surrender and let the body do what it does.

….And not take it personally like we’ve “failed” when we don’t fit into the top we wore at 5 months pregnant…or the top we bought last week that is now going to make a future girlfriend very happy!

It’s not personal, the body is doing it’s thing.
So let it.

Here’s why this isn’t just for the pregnant in life…your body is ALWAYS doing it’s thing.

Baby or not. You function and your body will do what it does naturally so why let it hurt your feelings?

I’m not under the impression that what we eat, activity level and how we sleep doesn’t play a huge part in our bodies- I know it does.
I still workout, I eat quite green and Lord knows I’m trying to sleep.

What I mean is, your body is going to do what it does and if your never a size 2/4/6/8/10 (whatever your dream vision might be),  if you feel well and you’re doing what feels good to you, the body will take care and do it’s thing.

This is a huge lesson for me, to not take it personally that my body doesn’t look a certain way (pregnant or not. Post-pregnancy I’m sure will be a whole new level of letting my body look as it will).

I work on this surrender or acceptance of the body, it’s not like I think I have it all figured out.

There has been a lifetime of control, anger, and general dissatisfaction with what my body naturally does.
It never occured to me I was really taking it personally, like my body was insulting me when the pants didn’t fit…until I was told to not take it personally.

And whether your pregnant or not, happy with your eating or not, your body is doing the best it can, the body is doing it’s thing- so let it.

Not gonna lie, pregnancy is a good place to attmept to learn the work of surrender, especially with the body.
I remind myself that all is working and growing just as it should be.

I hope post-pregnancy Emma can remember that all with my body is just as it should be too.
: )


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