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And the high today is 105.
This means I do things in the morning and in the afternoon I stay inside as much as possible.

I am not really handling the heat well, it makes me very tired, either that or it’s time to adjust the thyroid medication (did blood work yesterday for this so I am actually on top of it and taking it seriously).
We shall see what the verdict is….

I workout in the mornings before it gets to hot to walk from my car to the gym, not kidding.

I have stopped running, did that at around 5 months. Everything was very jiggly and I had to pee constantly when I would try to run so the the workout was stop and go- not really what I was looking for!

I was looking for some alternative workouts and different blogs kept mentioning “incline walking”.
I gave it a whirl….love it!

I go at a slower pace than most of the workouts I have seen posted.
Many I saw were called “killer walking workout” or “booty blasting walking”, I tried but the pace on the “killer workouts” were, well, killer. And I’ve learned not to push myself like that.
I made my own workout and I keep the incline on the treadmill varied, I get my heart rate up and there is certainly sweat happening too.

Works the booty and thighs…which is good. I have discovered pregnant body clings to weight, especially in the lower regions. Totally natural, not fighting it but I am always happy to fit into my maternity jeans!

Here’s my modified incline walking workout:

45 minutes total:

Min 1-3:  3.5 pace @ 3% incline
Min 4-6:  3.5 pace @ 6% incline
Min 7-9:  3.2 pace @ 9% incline
Min 10-12:  3.2 pace @ 10% incline
Min 13-15: 3.5 pace @ 3% incline

Repeat till you get to 45 min and do a long slow cool-down. Of course you can make this shorter and do two rounds of 15 minutes for a total of 30 min.
To ramp it up up, walk faster, like a 4.0 pace (15 minute mile), it’ll get you sweating quick!

Here we are heading off to the gym!

Workout bump @ 26 almost 27 weeks. Got the tank at Old Navy for 8.00- go get some!
Shorts are from GAP (non-maternity), on sale and bought a size or two larger, worth the investment cause I’m not wearing long pants in this heat!

And for after your workout, I have a treat for you….the mint brownie from Dempsey Bakery.

I bought three cause they don’t have them very often…there’s one left.
They’re THAT good.

I love Dempsey Bakery, they are gluten-free and have so many great things. They also do egg-free, nut-free, and dairy-free variations so they are really great for people with food allergy concerns.

Check them out in you’re ever in Little Rock, very worth the trip.
: )


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