Cooking with baby. You know it involved wine. :)

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So…as a woman who does not cook I have decided to cook.


Cause I’m home and with our new schedule which involves me going to bed at 7:00 (that’s right, 7:00), I need to get dinner happening so I can get to bed.
I wish it were a more glamorous reason, like we’re transforming our family diet or that we’ve committed to only organic, local products, sadly, it’s the early bedtime.
Whatever get you there, right?

I’ve always wanted to cook and to be honest, I’m afraid of it!
I try and find recipes with the least ingredients, cause surely that means it will be easy.

It doesn’t help that Travis cooks…and cooks well.
Somewhat intimidating.

It also means that he enjoys cooking so I am spoiled in that sense that I don’t have to cook cause he will and not mind.

All this being put out there, I wanted to give it a try and if having food ready assures I get a chunk of sleep that isn’t disturbed by nursing or crying- I’m in!

I got some good suggestions of websites to find recipes and I joined

The site is easy to navigate and you can save your favorites, good enough for me!

I did shrimp and pesto pasta, recipe here.

The first feat of the cooking adventure was to take Clarabelle to the store.
I hauled ass so she wouldn’t wake up.
That was it really, total panic and I never allowed the cart to stop moving.
I was that woman, in the checkout line rocking back and forth.
It worked.

Got home.
Paused to nurse and for her to smile, then nap.

Onto dinner!

I wore Miss Clarabelle while I cooked….I did hand her off to Travis when I poured the steaming past noodles into the strainer (safety first!).

Here’s how we do it at our house…

Wine…not open. Yet. 🙂

Clarabelle falls asleep in her sling whenever she gets into it and tolerates it.
During the cooking she happened to be facing forward, hence the reason she looks passed out!

The entire process went great, the recipe was a keeper and it had wine in it so I did pour myself a glass.
That makes cooking fun, wine.
: )

Final product…

Looks good, right?

Shrimp. pasta, green and red accents- you can’t go wrong!

And I made it so, you know you can!

Now I have a few pictures to share just cause they’re cute.
And the onesie is FABULOUS!

Love the prints

And a smile…

love the colors

I’ll be cooking more, hopefully it will go as smoothly.
Somehow I doubt it!
: )


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