Cheek Fuel and some CBJ

Topic : Breastfeeding

It’s Valentine’s Day Week!
Woop! Woop!

I like Valentines Day.
I used to not…and then I used to like the day cause I would drink a LOT and eat chocolate, now I like the day cause I drink SOME and still eat chocolate.

Last Friday CBJ had her well-child checkup and she is doing great.
Healthy, wiggly, and growing quick!
She grew 3 inches since her last checkup (this is probably normal but to me it seems quite impressive).

She is also gaining weight like a champ….
And people keep asking how much she weighs…
And what we’re feeding her….
Like they think I feed her french fries.
Which I do not…

CBJ is fed by me, which I have grown to love (in the early stages I felt like a milk cow and I cried till we got the hang of things…).

And since I fuel these cheeks, tummy, and glorious thighs…

CBJ rockin that skirt

I wanted to talk fuel.

I don’t know about any other nursing moms but I am hungry.
More so than when I was pregnant.
To be fair I was pregnant in the Arkansas summer heat.
I also had a baby growing in me compressing my stomach, now there’s more room…for chocolate and such!

I’m not an expert at anything baby, I’m stumbling through like everyone else but I did want to offer some tricks I have learned for fueling me and baby…
And staying full enough so I don’t eat the entire fridge.

I eat as much healthy protein and fat as I can.
Here’s something you may not know, I don’t eat meat other than fish.
So…when I say protein I mean peanut butter, coconut butter, almonds, quinoa, greens, beans, and chocolate (maybe chocolate isn’t the most healthy but it’s good so whatever!).

I’ve started eating oats (as in Old-Fashioned Gluten Free) at least once a day, usually as an afternoon snack so I can gear up for the feeding before bed.
If I’m out doing errands I will have an Odwalla protein drink (this was a tip from my fabulous Doula and the drinks are actually very good-especially the chocolate protein drink).

I also supplement with Brewer’s Yeast (2 tablespoons a day) and I take prenatal vitamins, vitamin B-12, DHA supplements and Vitamin D. These are the same supplements I took while pregnant so that hasn’t changed.


Oh, and I drink a TON of water.
Seriously, I should be hired as a spokeswoman for Nalgene.

Just wanted to share because when I started breast feeding I didn’t realize how much energy it took, I also didn’t think I would tear through the cabinets looking for peanut butter in a frenzy… yikes.

Onto why you all started reading…Miss CBJ!

Here she is in one of her Valentine’s Day outfits, bought at Old Navy- for cheap.

Playmat time

And a side-view…

Love the little smirk happening in this one.

Have a good one, I’m going to attempt to make Valentine’s Day cards with little miss today, we’ll see if that happens!


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