Biting. Update… and 9 months.

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Ahh…the heat of summer.

Makes me very unmotivated.

But today I feel motivated despite the heat.

Woo. Woo.

I’m real behind on the “monthly” update for this month.
CBJ is nearly 9 1/2 months old but somehow I didn’t post her 9 month photo session.


Here she is.

Looks like a little girl more than a baby. 🙁

And I laid her on the floor to get this next one…

About to roll off and away. Still loving the thigh rolls here btw.

I could barely get her to hold still so there’s a lot of action shots.


Did I mention she started crawling?
Maybe I did…

Well, she crawls with gusto!

She is also chomping on everything cause those teeth keep coming.

nom, nom, nom.

Speaking of chompers.

I do have an update on her biting.
I wrote about it in this post.

I am happy to report that CBJ is no longer biting.

Woo. Woo.


How did we get to a place of no biting?

I will tell you.

And this is just my experience with biting so if your kiddo is chomping it might be totally different.


There are a few things I did that solved our biting situation.

First, we dropped all bottles. Not that she got many.
CBJ would get a bottle of my pumped milk at night during her bedtime feeding. She would get it after I would nurse to “finish” her off.

Here’s the real twisted part with the bedtime bottle…

I didn’t need to be giving it to her.
But I did because I thought I was having supply issues.

The twist here is I have over supply.
But only in the morning.

So I pump quite a bit every day (5-10 ounces) in the morning but by the evening I thought my boobs were “done” because they didn’t feel full.
So we did a bottle.
And I never felt “right” about it but I thought I needed to so for months now she’s had her bottle.

CBJ figured out that after mommy’s let-down ended she was going to get a bottle.

So she started biting me to get the bottle.

I. Think. Not.

I did some trouble shooting with the Le Leache League Leader here and realized I needed to drop the bottle because basically she was associating me with the bottle and figured out biting me would get some boob time, some bottle and all mama.
Clearly she was winning and my boobs were getting beat up!

Either that or try and have Travis do her bedtime feeding…
And I’m a selfish mama….I like my nursing time so I wasn’t sold on Travis doing the bedtime feeding.
He also is the cook around here so, that was a factor!

We did had Travis give her the bottle after she would bite and she wasn’t into that.
Screamed her head off.

We all had a come to Jesus Moment and I decided that I would let my body regulate and trust that it would (and could).
I don’t know if she sensed there was no bottle coming her way but the night I decided to stop giving her that bottle, she didn’t bite.
And hasn’t had much issue since.

No. Joke.

Second, I also realized that sometimes she isn’t hungry…

I know that might be common sense but she used to eat ALL. THE. TIME.  and when she wasn’t hungry ALL. THE. TIME. I found that to be confusing.

So I think there have been times that she was just tired of me sticking a boob in her face!

I guess the list isn’t long really.

The main deal was I needed to break her association with me and the bottle.

Who knows if she’ll want to start biting again, every day is different around here (like today she took a 2 hour morning nap, yesterday she took no morning nap and a 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap- what?!).

But that’s where we are.
9+ months, no biting, who knows when we’re sleeping, and lots of crawling.


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