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Not pregnant.



To St. Louis.



Cannot wait.

We’ve been in Little Rock for almost 4 years, ever since Travis and I got married.

It’s been a somewhat rough time. It has gotten much better living here but the first 2 years were very lonely and challenging. Throughout it all I was doing yoga, teaching yoga and trying to find my footing being in a town where everyone seemed to have their own friends, own jokes, and I really felt out of place.

This isn’t going to be a post to give the old finger to Little Rock at all, not my intention! I swear. What I’m getting at is it hasn’t been sunshine here and I think it’s hard to live in a place where you feel you don’t belong.

But you know what’s a good thing about being somewhere that you aren’t comfortable?

You have a lot of time to (attempt) to work on your shit. And that’s been a good thing, very good. Not as many distractions. Time to see what you can change. Time to explore what you believe. Time to think about what you want for your life (being in a place that you don’t feel comfortable will make you realize you don’t want that for the rest of this lifetime!).

And in all the exploration and wondering if I would ever find friends.

I did find friends.

Wonderful, loving, supportive friends.

Women I love very much and that I have leaned on often. Women that have taught me so much about listening, about being open, about leaving what doesn’t serve you, about how I want to raise my child. These women, I am thankful for. These women have changed my life.

They have made me a better person.

A better friend.

A better wife.

A better mom.

For these women and for the loneliness that brought me to them, I am forever grateful.

And we cannot forget that Miss Clarabelle was born here!

Life since Clarabelle was born is so sweet. So rich. I could not do life without her.


And Clarabelle’s birth wasn’t ever what I thought I would have. If you would’ve told me I would WANT to have a natural (no pain meds, no induction, no c-section) birth a few years ago…I would’ve laughed in your face.


And in a lovely twist I gave birth…LOUDLY. 😉


I think that being here and meeting the women I have been surrounded with absolutely changed my views on birth…and now breastfeeding…and co-sleeping…and on and on and on.

All my birth support that I had here (my doula is one of the most fantastic humans EVER, our birthclass was awesome, and I LOVE my OB/GYN, her name is Christie Beck-highly recommend.) has been a dream. I can’t really imagine having another baby without my doula and my doctor but I guess we shall see…

As Clarabelle has grown up here I have had such love from others, my students adore her, her babysitter is my mom inspiration (seriously. she’s the world’s best mom), and my friends are so sweet with her.

And I will miss that VERY much. VERY much.

But we’re ready.

Ready to go, to be home. 🙂

I know you want to see CBJ.

She’s 17 months olds now.

Walking (sometimes backwards!).

Talking (putting two words together!!!).

Nursing (and asking by saying “nurse”, melts my heart).

Eating (finally more than a few handfuls a day!).


Lunch time.
Lunch time. 

And she’s not OBSESSED with wearing hats…this one happens to be mine!

Thrilled. And warm. :)
Thrilled. And warm. 🙂

I always love dressing her so clearly, she needed a white jean jacket….cause a blue jean one simply isn’t enough!

I mean, come on. too cute. I can't pull it off but she looks so good. :)
I mean, come on. too cute. I can’t pull it off but she looks so good. 🙂

Alright, when we get moved and settled in, I’ll be back!


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