Baby’s 1st Cardinals Game (sorta) and the Birth-a-versary Weekend

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Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, we certainly did. 🙂

We went to St. Louis to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary, had a fabulous time. We always do, I lived in St. Louis post-college and miss it terribly.
Great friends, great food, and I just like the energy of the town.

I had gone up to St. Louis about a month ago and was about 18 weeks pregnant, still in my non-maternity clothes and it was somewhat questionable if I was pregnant….not this trip!

I don’t know what happened between week 20 and 22 (I’m at 22 weeks and a few days or 5 1/2 mnths) but my bump is growing quite rapidly….
I guess this is what some would call “poppling” (when there is obviously a baby in your belly and people reach for your middle like it is a force field they can no longer resist).

I don’t mind people touching the belly, I’m happy they are happy about the baby. I haven’t had strangers try and cop a feel yet, I might feel differently about that!


We got tickets to the Cards/Phillies game for Friday night and I needed to get this growing belly dressed. Since my usual Cardinals tee is no longer an option, I ordered a maternity cards shirt and actually really like it. The length is great and there is certainly room to grow, I got a medium and think the small would’ve accented the bump a bit more.

Goo Cards!!!

And just so you get clear on the bump….

Cardinals tee ordered from Destination Maternity

Do you see the length on the shirt- fabulous!
This another maternity find that I would buy and wear not pregnant, I’d get a small and wear it knowing it was not going to ride up or pull too much anywhere.

The bummer of this story is that is was SO HOT at the game that we left pretty quickly…the Cards also lost so really except for the shirt it was kind of a wash. 🙁

We did get some pics before we headed out to find air conditioning…

Me and Megan


Me and Travis….not a good angle but what can you do? 🙂

It took me till the middle of the day on Saturday to finally feel like I wasn’t dehydrated, games are just no fun when they’re that hot. I was sad we couldn’t stay but I guess I’ve learned that too hot and pregnant isn’t a good thing!

Saturday was a busy day, I got a prenatal massage, which was great. I did this massage lying on my side propped with pillows and it was very comfortable. No pressing on baby and I felt like I could move and then rest.
We did some pool time and I dragged Travis to a GREAT maternity store, he was a trooper. 🙂
The store is 9 Months in Style and I HIGHLY recommend going in if your expecting and are in the StL. I have bought several dresses from them already and they are very willing to work and ship items to you- this is excellent if there are no maternity stores in your area (hint, hint Little Rock!).

Saturday evening we had a date at one of our favorite St. Louis restaurants, 11/11 Mississippi and then we did dessert at The Chocolate Bar  (I guess technically it is called “Baileys Chocolate Bar…whatever) with some of our favorite people!

Here’s my dessert…

Strawberry Sundae- vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, berries. Perfect. 🙂

And here are  two of my most dear (and most missed) friends….

Me, Megan, Katie.

Love, love, loved all of the visit! Except the heat…. 🙂

I’ll be going up again soon and I’m sure the bump will be bigger and I know it will be hotter but with friends and air conditioning, all will be good!

Enjoy your short work week!


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