Baby Led Weaning. Yes, she’s still on the boobs too. :) almost 13 months old!

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So if you read my blog you know that I breast feed and that I think it is very special.

And we are still breastfeeding.
Every day is totally different.
She does an early morning feeding, anywhere between 5-7 a.m., the rest…I try to not expect anything!

This week…

On Monday CBJ only wanted to nap while nursing so that’s what we did. 2 naps, 1 hour each. On the boobs. Plus night/early morning and bedtime feeding.

Tuesday she wanted her morning nursing and had no intention of napping so we did story time…by the time that was over we needed a nurse/nap combo. And the nap was a 2 hour Mega nap (I got some good yoga time in). A few “snacks” and bedtime and nighttime feedings.

Wednesday she did a mega nap in the morning and had a long “snack session in the afternoon, nighttime feedings, bedtime feeding.

Which brings me to today (thursday), some morning feedings and then CBJ went to the babysitters where she had a bottle and when we got home she was so tired she did a short but complete feeding and crashed.
This is why I’m blogging.

Putting the “schedule” on here cause I always look-up what other people do and so if you’re curious, you’ve got an example for what the days can be like with a almost 13 month old that breast feeds!

In case you thought that CBJ doesn’t eat solids…She does!

We do “Baby Led Weaning” which is a fancy way of saying that we feed Clarabelle food that we eat. So we drop the puree’s and let her have regular food in smaller pieces or steamed.

Here’s what Baby Led Weaning looked like when we started it.

She liked the package way more than the crackers!
She liked the package way more than the crackers!

We started solids at 8 months, some might think that’s delayed but for our family it has been good and clearly CBJ is a healthy and thriving kiddo (and our pediatrician was fine with our choices too.)
We started out with breakfast and dinner and added in lunch at 12 months.

She played much more than ate till around 12 months…

squeezing out the juice!
squeezing out the juice!

But around the 12 month mark CBJ started to eat more…the play is still there. BIG time but now food goes into the mouth as well as onto the floor!

messy...yes. happening...yes!
messy…yes. happening…yes!

Clearly I let her do her thing and she has a good time. 🙂

She LOVES guacamole and quinoa...
She LOVES guacamole and quinoa…

I usually strip her down but a bib works too.

Here’s what I’ve learned with baby led weaning.

It takes TIME.
TIME people.
We introduced solids at 8 months.
She started eating more at 12 months.
SO that’s 4 months of putting food onto the tray, showing her how to eat and letting her maybe take some bites or not.

What I’ve also learned…

Bay’s don’t eat THAT much.
I thought CBJ would eat like me.
Ok, not exactly like me but I thought she would eat more.
But a full meal is a few bites, some water, and off we go.

All the food and whatnot is another way she’s becoming her own person.
We don’t force feed her and that’s another parenting choice.
Much like letting her lead with breastfeeding, I’ve had to learn to let her eat when it comes to food.

She’s still napping so I’m off to do some yoga. 🙂
Not cleaning or anything.


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