An Assortment-What’s up with those “naps”?

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Guess who’s finally sleeping (technically this was last night but whatever…)?

Sleeping Beauty.
Sleeping Beauty.

Very peaceful.

One of my favorite times of the day, holding her after she nurses to sleep.

The rest of the day isn’t quite so quiet…


There’s also a lot of “talking” on the phone (she talks on anything, the remote, the video monitor, my actual phone).


She also does yoga with me.

Yoga with the neti-pot...I get it. the pollen count is still high.
Yoga with the neti-pot…I get it. the pollen count is still high.

I’ve been doing some yoga myself, I did a 30 day commitment to doing a yoga practice every day.

And I just started a 60 day commitment…which is somewhat more intense but I’m into it.

I’ve been posting my daily yoga practices on facebook and people now know a little secret about our house.

CBJ rarely naps.

Not the strangest secret and not that uncommon (at least I know other people tell me their children don’t nap either).

And to be fair, she does nap.
On me.
And she would sleep for HOURS but I’ve got to get a break at some point during the day.

So I let her hang out in her crib and I do yoga, attempt to clean, or do my internet shopping (j. crew factory, amazon, and zappos are my favs).

I used to not do “quiet time” and really, it helped no one.
I was exhausted, irritated and burnt out.

Now I never let her cry in there but she can babble to her heart’s content.

I think people cheer for me when she naps.
I certainly cheer a bit myself.


Not that I don’t enjoy CBJ, she really is a fabulous buddy but I’m a better mom when I can take some time to myself.

I used to feel guilty about that.
Not anymore.
Self-care is a big part of functioning better.
And we all want to function better, don’t we?

The rest of our day, you know, the part that isn’t “quiet time” is spent around the house.

shells from the alter. chimes too. :)
shells from the alter.
chimes too. 🙂

And at the park, we don’t go there THAT much but it’s where I tend to take lots of pictures so here’s a selection from the past week or so.

taking a pause from chasing the birds around...
taking a pause from chasing the birds around…

And of course the jungle gym.


She’s a big fan of the tunnels…

all smiles. all the time.
all smiles. all the time.

Did I ever think my life would revolve around naps and the park?


What can you do?

Bore people about it on a blog.

haha. 😉

Send some energy out for the naps this weekend, I certainly am hopefully your little bundles take a rest for you.



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