An Assortment- Easter Edition

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I LOVE Easter.

The eggs, the pastels, the PEEPS. 🙂

CBJ had a winning Easter holiday starting with “Bunny Brunch” at the zoo, which was actually the weekend before (we celebrate Easter ALL week around here).

The Fam.
The Fam.

We didn’t know how CBJ would do with the fluffy creatures, we haven’t done Santa yet (germs and the big guy aren’t my thing) so this was her first experience with giant plush animals…

To say she loved it would be an understatement.

She was thrilled.

They jumped up and down together while CBJ said "uump, uump, uump" over and over.
They jumped up and down together while CBJ said “uump, uump, uump” over and over.

She loved Elmo most of all.

We don’t watch cartoons or kiddo t.v. so this was love at first sight…


Don’t think that’s she’s trying to get away in this next pic, oh no…she was leaning back so we could see her smile.

Look at me, guys...with my new BFF.
Look at me, guys…with my new BFF.

She chased Elmo all around the room.
We had to somewhat hold her back so other kids could get a chance to hug on him. THAT’S how much she loved some Elmo.

And a giant duck?
Sure…why not?

Hug a Duck
Hug a Duck

Needless to say, we’ll be doing the “Bunny Brunch” next year!

On the actually Easter weekend, my mom came in and Travis was gone for part of the weekend for a fishing trip (he’s not in any pictures and that’s why!…in case you were wondering…).

We did a mini-egg hunt.
CBJ got a big, fluffy bunny that will be in many pictures to come but all the ones I got were blurry. Oops.

We took some pictures outside before we headed off to church.

Playing with the doggie poo bag holder...cause why not?
Playing with the doggie poo bag holder…cause why not?
Sunbeams on my girl
Sunbeams on my girl
Grammy time!
Grammy time!
Mama, CBJ, bunny.
Mama, CBJ, bunny.

And then we did church.

And made it almost (almost) all the way through and then headed off to Easter brunch at a great place called Nest. Highly recommended.

And here’s the “official” bunny pic.
Not looking at the camera but it’s all good.

Easter Bunny at Nest Brunch
Easter Bunny at Nest Brunch

I couldn’t have imagined a better weekend.
And I do love that CBJ isn’t afraid of the giant fluffy creatures that always seem to be at every holiday/event/party.

Other than that we’re just settling in and exploring St. Louis.
Lots of parks, some patio time and I’ve also done several yoga classes at a few different studios (I’ll do some reviews sometime soon).

CBJ is still chatty, still nursing, and one of her new favorite things to do is ask for us to sing “abc’s, abc’s, abc’s”, anywhere and anytime.
I’m REAL good at the ABC song now.

She’s still napping.
Gonna do…laundry?
Check facebook?


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