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I found a pediatrician up here for CBJ. Woop! Woop!

There was no horror about breastfeeding, no issue with spacing vaccinations, and she was SUPER nice.

Little miss is growing even more than I thought!

Thrilled. And found a "mama" picture from the wallet
Thrilled. And found a “mama” picture from the wallet

34 inches long (grew 3 inches since her 15 month appointment).
27 pounds.

I knew she was getting bigger but that’s a lot of growth in my opinion.

She also vetoed my outfit choice for the 1st time the other day.
I have excellent taste!
She didn’t flat out refuse, I dressed her, then she picked up the dress she wanted to wear and and repeated, “put on”, “put on”, “put on”, “put on”, “put on”, till I um…put it on her.

Here is the 1st CBJ official outfit.

Blue dress, pink pant, green cardi. I get it.
Blue dress, pink pant, green cardi. I get it.

I have been asked to provide pictures of the house.
Which I will kind of do now.
Here’s the “formal” living room.
Please note there is no furniture.
That’s because I have NO CLUE what to put in the room and I also don’t want to spend a lot of money.
I think it’s minimalist…. or lazy.
Your call.

One too small rug. That's what I got. yikes.
One too small rug. That’s what I got. yikes.

I welcome any advice on decor.
The room is bigger than it appears and flows into the dining room (also with “minimal” decor).
And do make it kid friendly.
Thanks so much.

I also have more pictures that are somewhat of the house.

It’s actually of CBJ swiffering (proof that I DO clean because she’s imitating me!!!)

Cleaning machine
Cleaning machine

Can you see the stainless steel and the granite countertops behind all of the “real life” of our space?
Pretty sassy, huh?

Here’s another pic, CBJ is trying to get things done so she’s not so into the camera session.

Why don't you HELP mom. Come on.
Why don’t you HELP mom. Come on.

So I clean. She cleans. She “naps”. I blog.
And we go the the store.

Best. Morning. Ever.
Best. Morning. Ever.

And our “store” is Whole Foods.
Where I need to stop shopping at if I ever want to decorate that formal living room space.

She laughs with glee as I am horrified I payed nearly 3.00 for a “real food” bar that she used as a teether (meaning it’s crumbled an can really only be used as an ice cream topper).

That cost how much?!
That cost how much?!

I think helps her develop math skills.

Higher math. Deep focus.
Higher math. Deep focus.

I’m looking into a Mother’s Day out…we shall see if anywhere passes my tests.
Cause I’m “that mom”. And you already knew that.




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