An Afternoon

Topic : Daily Glimpses

We went and played today.

An “after school activity”.

Which is rare for us.

Too much anxiety on my end that a meltdown will happen.

Kid’s play place.
She did slides.

He sat in the baby ball pit.
Legs kicking the balls away.
Chubby hands grabbing and shoving the balls into his mouth.

She climbed up a wall structure
I didn’t know she could do it.
All the way to the top.

My daughter and I are “writing” now that we’re at home.

She’s drawing tornadoes and hearts.
Eating peanut butter sandwich crackers.

I sit next to her on the floor.
Doodling my usual flowers and stars.
And jotting down moments.

My son babbles himself to nap in the other room.

Then she sits on my lap.
I see her mis-matched socks.

“Look how I can snap”
Small fingers make no sound as they come together.
“You’re really good at snapping.”

A smile brightens her face.
Tears come to my eyes.


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