Afternoon of January 22nd

Topic : Daily Glimpses

My daughter and I go on a coffee date.

We look around the crowded cafe, a man waves us over and offers us two empty seats at his table.
I help her put her straw into the chocolate milk and she tells him, “there’s a heart in there” and pointed at my latte.

He smiles.

He shows her his bookmark that is sitting on the table, it had a huge black and white cat on it.
His mother in-law had given it to him.

My daughter informs him, “we don’t have cats because they make mommy and daddy sick”.

He and I make small talk as she looks around at all the people.
His wife has a brewery and is at a beer festival.

In the back of my mind I recognize that this does not happen often anymore, the offering to share space.

My daughter stands up, “come, come”.
She motions for me to stand, ready to go to the candy store and then onto the park.

We all exchange our goodbyes.

Her hand reaches out for mine and off we go.

The simple kindness of a shared table, reminds me that there is good in the world.


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