A Happy Mother’s Day to You

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A Happy Mother’s Day to you All!

And I write that whether you are the “traditional” definition of a mom or not.

As women I feel we are all mothers.
We birth dreams, thoughts, futures (ours and those around us).
We nurture.
We care.
We are ALL mothers.

I remember when I desperately wanted to have a baby and I could not.

I longed to celebrate Mother’s Day with a child.

I have been given that gift, for which I am grateful and humbled that I was chosen.

As this Mother’s Day approached I remembered the longing for that gift.
I know that feeling.
I know that prayer.
I know that ache.

My prayer was answered.
Not as quickly as I wanted.
Not without some struggle.

And maybe that is your prayer. To have a baby.
Or maybe it’s not.
Or maybe you don’t know what you’re creating because it’s so new or so different that what you thought it would be.

But I say this-


Maybe not in the way we pictured it.
Or in the way we thought it would happen.
But we are all creators of so much whether it be a little human or a dream profession, or a partnership, or a life that we love.

Celebrate what your energy creates.
Celebrate what your body creates.
Celebrate the Universe YOU create.

Here’s a bit of the life I’ve be blessed with.
A mother I chose.
A daughter who chose me.

Happy Mother’s Day to you ALL.


Grammy, Mama, CBJ


Avery dog, Grammy, CBJ. Brown Dog toy. 🙂

And last but not least…me and both my babies.

Me, CBJ, Avery.



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  • Meghann Parson August 27, 2014

    Emma, I have the same problem with Tess who is not quite 22 months. Still nursing and sometimes refuses to eat. We add raw sprouted protein to her smoothies. Not a huge amount but just a little. She will almost always eat eggs, pancakes and bacon (I'd very easily be ovolactovegetarian but Daddy is a meat eater) or eggs, guacamole, Brown rice and black beans. Or avocado. Those are my only two "go to" meals. And carbs. She'll eat cookies or crackers for days. Glad the doctor was supportive, I've been thinking about going there as well. I'm sick of the weaning conversation.

    • ReplyEmma August 27, 2014

      Scrambled eggs are a hit so I'm going to keep offering, avocado too.. I was impressed by Little Flower, it is so refreshing to be in a place that supports breastfeeding. Not a formula pamphlet in the place. And applause for continuing to breastfeed? Makes me want to go daily! It's far by driving standards (least from our house) but worth it to be able to not get hassled about parenting choices.

  • Bethany May 14, 2014

    Good job, mama!

    • ReplyEmma May 15, 2014

      :) thank you friend!

  • Lara October 18, 2013

    Wow, I'm so glad we aren't the only ones who have gone through all these ups and downs with nursing. G is still nursing strong at 14.5 months. There were times when I swore he was weaning himself (8/9 months, and I cried and cried), and nowadays lately he nurses like a newborn. Some days I have so much milk that I'm still spurting and needing nursing pads, other days I think he looks at me like, "Turn it on, mama!" I think the lesson after we have put all this time in it should be: our babies and our bodies know what to do! :)

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