A few of Clarabelle’s Favorite Things~

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Life continues to settle in here.

Another week has passed, time flies (kinda) when you’re sleep deprived and staring at your new baby.

Sleeping is still hit or miss although she does sleep for 3-4 hour stretches now, which gives everyone more sleep and time to do things around the house. I have been trying more and more to “wear” her so we get more contact and so I can do things instead of holding her and watching trashy t.v.!

We do the Ergo…

Love the Ergo for outdoor walks!
Piece of advice, it is warm to wear so if you get one, dress with a layer less than you think you need!
And we also do the sling…

Sling with some arm support
I’ve gotten better with wearing the sling and can have her in it without holding her head up, took some practice though.
She only likes the sling while sleeping.
And when she’s in it she will sleep for hours while I clean, take walks and run around.
If she’s not sleeping when I put her in she’s not having it and life gets cruel real fast!

I hear some babies love their slings at all times, I wish!

I am hopeful as she gets bigger and can hold herself up more she will want to sit in it and look around, for now, she loves it while she’s sleeping and I think it’s a win.
: )

Clarabelle is also more active so we do some play mat time…

Play mat and look at that baby belly!
Growing girl. 🙂
I have learned to not do too much play mat time, an over-stimulated baby is no fun…
I was worried she was “bored” so I would have her on the mat whenever she was awake, this is not a great idea as she gets cranky and then gets the hiccups (did you know when baby’s get the hiccups it can be because they are over-stimulated? Weird but true!).

I was also reminded that babies really can’t get bored, everyday their world is expanding so it is more likely they are waay overwhelmed then bored…she stares at the fan and I’m sure it blows her mind!

Another activity we do here is go to the chiropractor…I guess that’s more of a health thing than a “fun” thing but it’s an activity we do so I’ll call it a favorite of Clarabelle’s…

Up and ready to get adjusted.
You can’t really see it but she’s in one of my favorite outfits (gift from Grandma Kathi), adorable onesie by Zutano- best prints EVER for baby clothes!
I started taking Clarabelle to the chiropractor because she was spitting up quite a bit and although the “adjustment” that she gets is very small, it does help with her spitting up.
It also has helped her produce way more pee and poop…either that or she’s just growing.
She falls asleep in the car and last time we went she slept through the entire appointment, wish she would do that type of sleep at 3:00 a.m.!

Hope your week is going well, we’re obviously very busy around the Gray house. : )


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