A Few Favorite Things (7 months and learning…)

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CBJ will be “officially” 7 months old tomorrow.
Which is so weird to me.
As I look back the first few months I cannot believe how big she has gotten and how much she has developed!

She is VERY social.
Loves to blow raspberries.
Adores the dog.
And is very into looking at herself in the mirror.


She also LOVES fingers and toes (hers and everyone else’s).

I wanted to do this post cause there are some items we’ve started using that I wish we’d had since we brought little miss home from the hospital…yeah…and we’re at 7 months.


Better late than never, right?
At least we’re prepared if we get to go another round with a fresh kiddo.

In my last post wrote that we were transitioning CBJ to her crib from her Rock N Play and that transition is going well.
I recommended getting one in that post and I’ll put it again….
For real.
Get a Rock N Play.

Back to the crib transition.

I will not lie to you…it was rough for a few weeks but now she’s getting used to the crib and can fall asleep (and stay asleep- that’s the winner!) in her crib.

What has helped the transition?

Several things that are now some of my Favorite things…

1. PATIENCE (Mine- I can’t tell you where to pick that up for yourself but I suggest some yoga and  the continued thought that this transition won’t last forever so try to enjoy holding your kid as they startle themselves awake.).

2. BLACKOUT DRAPES- I don’t know why we hadn’t bought these earlier cause they make a huge difference. Target has them for cheap, go now, get them, enjoy nap time.

3. VIDEO MONITOR- We now watch what CBJ is doing and can go in and rock her to sleep quickly if she startles awake. She now is rolling over onto her tummy when she sleeps so we can see that she is breathing o.k. as she does not seems to want to roll BACK over…quirks of little miss. 😉
We got the Summer Infant Video Monitor and have been VERY pleased. It’s pricey but it will last a long time and it can have up to four rooms being monitored at a time so…you can spy on all your kids for years to come! Woo! Woo! 😉

4. “THE NO-CRY SLEEP SOLUTION”– this is a book by Elizabeth Pantley that has great tips on getting baby to sleep without “crying it out”.
We’re not “cry it out” people.
I could care less if you are a “cry it out” family, do what you need to do and whatever works for your family. If you want to help your baby to sleep without the crying, I highly recommend the book. What works well with the book? #1 on this list- PATIENCE.

5. MOVEMENT MONITOR- to be fair this would have been better when she was fresher cause now that she moves it does false alarm. That being said, I did want to let you know it’s out there if you wanted to use one. We got the SNUZA movement monitor and it has worked well EXCEPT that is does false alarm cause CBJ is a moving sleeper.

I really do wish we would’ve had the items on the list from day one.

I mean, I have had patience since day one but it has increased tremendously from bringing her home to now (I still have many days where I have no patience and my mantra is “this too shall pass”.)

CBJ after a good night’s sleep.

In more style-type news….

J. Crew is having a sale!!

I got these shorts and the matchstick pants .

I got the 5′ inch shorts, which I used to think was a “mom” type length…and maybe it is but they looked the best. They will also not show mom booty when I have to bend over to get a variety of things which include the carseat, diaper bag, thrown toy, thrown pacifier, and on and on and on.

The matchstick pants I did the link to are polk dots which is not what I purchased…in the store they come in a dark wash and are very flattering if I do say so.
And you can cuff them for summer- winning on the multiple season usage.

Take or leave any of the suggestions but I do think that what’s above can make life a little easier for mom and baby.
Till tomorrow!


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