8 months and a few favorite things

Topic : Breastfeeding

Miss Clarabelle June is now 8 months old.

8 months with her big smile

Clearly she is pleased about this.

huh? I’m 8 months old already?!

And also somewhat shocked time is flying so fast….

She has discovered all my jewelry including my mala beads, which makes me smile.

looking at the window
I think she’s mid giggle… ๐Ÿ™‚
Life is good and little miss is growing so much!
She’s still very social and she LOVES other kids.
Likes this month are: “carl the caterpillar” which is a wooden toy my mom got her, you can see his tail in the above picture.
Other likes are: baths, Avery the dog, rolling onto her tummy, tags on anything, my hairbrush, spoons, her bouncer and the remote.
We also do lots of trips, she loves Whole Foods. LOVES IT.
I’m usually a baby wearer but when we go to Whole Foods she loves to be in the cart so she can turn to look at all things we pass. She also likes to hold the food I get, apples are a fav and she also likes anything that has a “crinkle” sound so she holds granola bars and whatnot.
Whole Foods helper
Dislikes this month: any and all changing of clothes, changing of the diapers, and being put into the car seat.
This is her 8 month sassy dislike face….
whatever mom
She now gets up onto her hands and knees while rocking back and forth….I read this is very close to crawling which I’m excited for yet dreading cause I’ve done zero “baby proofing”.

She’s got 3 more teeth coming in on the bottom and another big tooth on the top.
Her smile is getting more and more toothy every day.

We’re still exclusively breast feeding and that journey is still going strong and smooth.
I know we’re going to start foods at some point but for now she’s thriving and happy to nurse so until we’re ready to change it up…we’re gonna keep going!
I never thought I would still be exclusive with the breast feeding, when she was born I didn’t know how we’d get to 6 weeks…nevermind 6 months! There were some bumps but after I got used to breast feeding it became not so big of a deal to keep going and going and going. ๐Ÿ™‚
I hope I’m able to feed her in this way for a long time to come, we’ll see what life brings…
Onto the Favorite Things!
As CBJ grows and changes things up, I’ve had to change things up as well.
I get frustrated and tired some days, she gets frustrated and tired too.
Overall she’s a very content baby and I’m a content mama but I do need some encouragement some days and I’ve started reading some awesome blogs.
The blogs listed offer encouragement and some really beautiful ways of connecting that I thought were worth sharing (and they’re all worth a read).
The 1st is a blog called, The Orange Rhino.
The mom of four who writes set up a challenge for herself to not yell for a year. Every day. No yelling.
There are some great tips for what to do if you are losing your temper and her writing is very honest, which I love.
Another blog I’ve discovered is, The Hands Free Mama
This is a wonderful blog about really connecting, really listening, and how to be there for your child.
And a sassy blog I’ve started reading is The Honest Mommy.
It’s real, it’s funny.
Makes me want a glass of wine while reading.
I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and have a review of some classes and a video coming up next post!

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