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How is my baby 6 weeks old?!

And I know that 6 weeks isn’t a super long time when you think about it but I can see so many changes in her, totally blows my mind!

Official 6 week picture- wearing her cardigan for the occasion. 🙂

We celebrated her turning 6 weeks by going to the chiropractor and also by going on her first trip to Target!
Big stuff.
She slept the entire Target trip (which is much better than screaming) and I got to run an errand.
: )

The past week (and a few days) have been really good.
My best friend Steph came in, it is so good to be around friends from college.
People that saw you in some real ugly phases and love you no matter what, I am always reminded that I have been so blessed with the friends and relationships I have.
She came in to meet Clarabelle but also to help in whatever way we needed, that is a true friend-a woman that takes your screaming baby at 3:00 a.m. so you can get some sleep!

We did some good girl-time, watched trashy t.v. while Clarabelle napped, we gave her a bath, dressed her in cute clothes, and even did a little photo session!

Full body shot…and pacifier matches the outfit!

Travis took the next few, the lighting is simply perfect. 🙂



I love all of these pictures, she looks so happy and sweet.
I get teary when I look at them because I know she is growing up so fast and the time of her being this little will fly by.

Ok, pulling it together to keep writing this post. 🙂

Onward to something every new mom should know….

We all know about the boppie for breast feeding (it’s brilliant!) but Steph also introduced the concept of having the baby sleep in her boppie- this was new news to me and I must say, Clarabelle LOVES to sleep in her boppie.
We love it too cause she will nap for hours, we are sure to keep a close eye on her cause she’s not on her back but overall I think this is a nice option if your baby likes the feeling of being held while sleeping (I think this would be most babies but who knows!).

Nap time Boppie Style

I was sad to see Steph go but it is also nice to have the house be just us.
We have had lots of visits and people in the house since Clarabelle has been with us and it is good to have it be “normal”, it’s also nice to work on some type of a routine.

The new routine is me going to bed at 7:00 so I can sleep till midnight and then take over the “clarabelle shift” from 12:00 till everyone gets up for breakfast (usually 7-7:30).
Clarabelle sleeps in 4-5 hour blocks now and wakes to eat 2-3 times.
When she wakes up, when she’ll fall back to sleep…we never know!

After breakfast I hustle to the gym while Travis watches little miss so I can workout before he heads off to work.
Since around two weeks post-birth I have been taking long walks around our neighborhood for movement but no gym time, wanted to give my body time to rest and heal.
I started working out at the gym again last weekend, so week 5 post-birth.
It felt so good to sweat and get to the gym, I will say I was surprised how out-of-shape I felt!
Not worried about it though, I know it takes time to build the body back up and I’m just happy to get up and move.

During the day I do laundry, cleaning, feeding, pumping and a lot of face time with Clarabelle.
She smiles more and more, it really does melt your heart (cheesy I know but true).
She also is practicing her speaking with lots of sounds and gurgles- I know all babies do this but it’s pretty cute when she does it.

I know, I know…I’m that mom thinking my baby is advanced because she “talks” to me.
I admit it and I do think she’s advanced…
: )

Here are a few pics of her sweet face.
I tend to always take them on the boppie because I can lean her on it! As soon as she can hold herself up, we’ll have a change of scenery!

Rocking her new favorite outfit!
Too cute right? There are matching pink ruffles on the butt- love it!

And here’s a little grin…

And my personal favorite!

She has such a big, happy smile!
I can see my dad’s side of the family in her smile and I know the cheeks are Travis’s influence.
I’m interested to see if she looks like one of us more than the other, I can’t tell right now…we shall see…

I’m going to go enjoy some Saturday family time, hope you are too~


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