6 month update! And also month 5…how did I miss that?!

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CBJ had her well child check-up last Friday.

Our growing girl now weighs in at 20.3 pounds and is 27 1/2 inches long.
Very healthy, quite happy and doing great.

In other news…she has a tooth bud!
Woo! Woo! (this is the stuff I used to scoff at people about, now I’m that thrilled parent).
Lower left side and there seems to not be any serious pain with it, thankful for that.

6 months and sitting up great!

Here’s a shot of her doing a “push-up”, kinda has some popeye arms happening…

very serious work-out face. 🙂

She loves to sit, could care less about rolling over and makes “ba-ba-ba-ba” words most of the day.

Life is pretty quiet still, which is good cause we are transitioning her to her crib…so staying in and being flexible is what’s going on.

Crib…why was she not in a crib you might ask?
She’s 6 months old, surely she would have used a crib before…nope, not so much.
Because she has been sleeping very happily in a wonderful invention called the Rock -N- Play.
If you are a new parent, get the Rock-N-Play.
Life saver.

The only reason she’s not sleeping in it till high school is cause she’s getting too big and wants to pull herself out of it.
Making this transition was a big step for her and also for me.
I have been sleeping most of the night in a room with her so, now that she’s in her crib, I’m not able to reach out and lay a hand on her.
And I am a mom that lays hands.
I’m working on letting her grow-up, cause, you know, she’s 6 momths old and I’m already having attachment issues!
Le sigh.


We started off slow with the crib transition, a nap over the weekend…she played very happily in the crib until it was not o.k….and then she screamed her head off.

Yesterday she did a nice long nap in the crib, the key is to put her in asleep.
The art of “self soothing” is something CBJ is going to need some work on.
: )

Last night she slept great till her 4:00 a.m. feeding and then…playtime again in the crib (we know it’s playtime cause we got a video monitor and can watch her grab her feet and amuse herself while we beg her to fall asleep).
Mama wasn’t having it so she did get put back in the good old Rock-N-Play but for the 1st night, we’re calling it a win.

I won’t use this blog to update my kids sleeping patterns but I did want to share that life with the Rock-N-Play was SWEET.
Life with the crib will be SWEET too…just need to get used to it.

So that’s month 6 so far…lots going on actually!

And I did realize that I totally skipped a 5 month update.
Not sure why…I think it’s because CBJ was dealing with her “cold” aka allergies and I was real covered in snot.

Here’s her month 5 pic…

Very happy girl

Sorry the picture is turned, I have no clue how to get it longwise so turn your computer or phone so it’s not as confusing.

Here’s another.

action shot!

I’m sure she was swatting at me to quit taking pictures or maybe she was waving.
Either way she seems to be enjoying herself!

In this next month we’re going to start some solids, doing “Baby Led Weaning”.
Excited about this but the clinging mom in me is also a little sad, she’s been an exclusively breast fed baby since birth so something else helping to fuel those cheeks is different for both her and I.
Very baby-steps with the food so I know she’s not going to be eating a sandwich or anything, it’s still a big step in terms of nourishment.
Thinking some steamed carrots, maybe some avocado to start…we’ll see when I actually take the plunge! Our pediatrician was very happy with her growth so there’s no rush, we’ll get there when we get there.

Gotta go check on little miss, she’s still sleeping, must be LOTS of growing going on!


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