One day there, the next day gone.

2014-12-25 14.27.52

Tonight Clarabelle asked to lay down next to me instead of on my chest while we sang songs to bed. Which might seem small. And I suppose it is. Unless you notice. Then it’s big. It’s another sign my child is growing up. That she needs me in a different way… In a more independent… 

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Calling all things Fall {How Do I Look}

2014-10-25 16.14.55

“How Do I Look, Mama?” Like most of the Halloween costume is on. She calls those her “green peee-jamies”. “Want to wear my Cardinals Jacket.” We have a lifetime fan here. On actual Halloween…a combo of the pumpkin and the Cards jacket. In a surprise twist, our neighborhood that is full of children, there was… 

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