Calling all things Fall {How Do I Look}

2014-10-25 16.14.55

“How Do I Look, Mama?” Like most of the Halloween costume is on. She calls those her “green peee-jamies”. “Want to wear my Cardinals Jacket.” We have a lifetime fan here. On actual Halloween…a combo of the pumpkin and the Cards jacket. In a surprise twist, our neighborhood that is full of children, there was… 

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Green juice for all.

2014-10-31 07.14.38

So about a week ago I dusted off the juicer and started making some different juice combinations and I got a little inspired. And I got to thinking about the upcoming holiday season (and let’s be honest, it started this past weekend with Halloween…or what I like to think of as the beginning of the… 

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Applesauce. Fall things.

2014-10-06 12.48.40

I’ve been getting into the Fall spirit by making applesauce. Hmmm….does applesauce mean Fall to you? Not to me either really BUT it smells like Fall to me AND it’s easy for me to make so, it’s a win. CBJ loves helping. Please ignore that she is perched on the counter. She has great balance… 

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